Massachusetts association for health, physical education, recreation and dance Inc.

Kids in Motion

(Yearly fundraiser Event)

Team up with MAHPERD to raise funds for your Physical Education, Health, or other activity program! This special opportunity is offered to all MAHPERD members. (K-8 levels)

You organize the event and WE handle the money for you! You get 70% of funds raised! We create a website to collect electronic donations. You can see an accounting, in real time, of donations coming in for your event. We will even send a thank you note to your donors. We work with vendors to get you great discounts! You choose the equipment, we order for you and we write the check! (no change to count, no POs, no hassles!)

Working with MAHPERD makes fundraising easier for you while supporting the advocacy efforts of our state professional organization.

What you do …

Decide on an activity, location, date, and time. Write a brief description outlining the purpose of the fundraiser and the event. Send MAHPERD the information.

What MAHPERD does …

MAHPERD uses your information to create a web page (this is where people will send electronic donations).

You Organize the Event

Plan logistics for your big day.

Creates donation page

MAHPERD handles all of the money for you! We work with

You advertise

Share the link to the donation web page with your donors.

Activates web page

The donations come in and MAHPERD tracks all of the information. (You can log in to see the donation progress.) We even send a thank you message to donors!

Host your event

The day arrives and you host the event!

Secures deep discounts

MAHPERD has agreements with top vendors to get you the most for your money.

You select equipment

Choose from vendor catalogues and submit your list to MAHPERD.


We place your orders for you and pay the companies directly (no PO’s / no hassles).

Equipment delivered!

Equipment arrives at your gym and students cheer!

The bottom line

By partnering with MAHPERD you get 70% of funds you raised while helping to support our professional organization. We keep 30% to cover all set up costs

Kids In Motion Application

School Address

* Fundraiser story - the fundraiser story is a bit like the purpose but with the emotional aspect that gets people to participate- maybe it’s the specific equipment you want and why it’s so important or who the charity is and why they are important. That little extra that says to the families “wow this is great, I’ll donate”.

Fundraiser donation amounts – should it be blank so the donator fills in the amount?(Required)
Planned start date(Required)
Planned end date(Required)
Max. file size: 256 MB.

Want to learn more?

Email Kathy Cleary, Kids in Motion Coordinator