Massachusetts association for health, physical education, recreation and dance Inc.

A Justification Toolkit

Support in attending the MAHPERD 94th Annual State Convention “Leading with Compassion”

Conversing with your administrator about the importance of professional development as a health or physical educator can be very positive! We need to communicate the value in attending MAHPERD events. Below are some tools to aid you in conversation.

  • Talking points about the needs/benefits to explain to your administrator how attending the 94th MAHPERD Annual State Convention will assist you in meeting the needs of the school district’s initiatives.
  • Tips for speaking with your supervisor
  • Sample template letter to request approval of your attendance at the Convention.
  • By participating in this convention, you will be able to obtain PDP’s towards your licensure

Talking Points

Talking Points Resources and Tools

  • The MAHPERD Annual State Convention hosts national, regional and state leaders in health, physical education, recreation and dance. Speakers who excel in research and teaching, provide innovative sessions as well as professional development that assists you in implementing the latest in best practices. You will discover ways to create and deliver a standards-based curriculum in health and physical education programs.

Meet the needs of students

  • Learn to assess, reflect, plan and adjust content to meet student needs in the health and physical education classroom.
  • Learn positive associations with attention and on-task behaviors.
  • Have a better understanding of the whole-child approach to education to ensure students are healthy and successful academically through movement and health education


  • There are a plethora of opportunities to engage with others who share a
    deep commitment to teaching in our allied fields. Sharing in meaningful
    conversations with one another, offering feedback when conversing about
    various K-12 programs is a valuable asset to enhancing curriculum,
    instruction and assessment strategies.

Research Findings and Innovative Educational Practices

  • Attend sessions addressing the findings of the latest educational
    research as well as the direction of future explorations in physical
    education, health education, and wellness.


  • Maximize student engagement through technology modifications.
  • Learn how to navigate new platforms that teachers are utilizing at this time.
  • Learn how to collect data through our partner software Interactive Health Technologies (IHT) to assess student learning in physical, cognitive and social/emotional domains.

Tips for Speaking with Your Administrator

  • Give a copy of the Convention Preliminary Program to your administrator (in this newsletter and on website). Let them know how specific sessions can relate to your school program.
  • Develop a schedule as to how you plan to navigate the Convention that coincide with your professional needs.
  • Be prepared for questions.
  • Give feedback on what you learned and experienced with a recap to your supervisor and department staff. Follow up on how you plan to apply what you learned at the convention throughout the school year.
  • Offer to hold a brief training session on new tactics and best practices for the staff that did not attend.

Letter to your administrator

Dear (Name of Principal or Supervisor),

With more and more evidence showcasing the benefits of health and physical
education for students in the classroom, I am eager to tell you about an upcoming
statewide professional development opportunity that can improve my teaching as
a (fill in: health/physical educator) and lead to better learning in the classroom

This coming November 6-7, 2023, my professional organization, Massachusetts
Association for Health Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (MAHPERD), will
be hosting its Annual State Convention, “Leading with Compassion!” at the DCU
Center-Worcester, MA. Many presenters from across the country will bring
expanded expertise to the Convention. As an attendee, I will gain experience and
learn from state, regional and national teachers who will share how I can:

  • Ensure students are given the best opportunity to meet the local, state and
    national standards for health and physical education
  • Help students become better learners
  • Implement a whole-child approach to education at our school so students are healthy and ready to learn
  • Meet the needs of all students through differentiated instruction
  • Meet the needs of 21st century learners to maximize student engagement using
    the latest technologies

Additionally, the scheduled sessions are research and evidence-based and
incorporate the most recent findings on best practices. I will also learn how to
leverage existing resources to enhance my program at little to no extra cost!
I would appreciate the time to discuss this professional development opportunity
and how you can support my attendance.


Your name

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