Massachusetts association for health, physical education, recreation and dance Inc.



Frameworks feedback
Due August 28th

To all MAHPERD Members Past and Present:

As you know the Board of Education voted to release the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Frameworks for public comment. In addition to providing public comment to the DESE, we also ask you to first and foremost, email the Governor, and cc’ the Secretary of Education Dr. Patrick Tutwiler and cc’ Commissioner of Education Jeff Riley about the necessity of this document to properly reflect health and physical education pedagogy.

First, we are asking that you include the points for consideration for Health Education. The organization of the draft is confusing and “inclusivity” needs to happen at the Pre-K -grade 5 levels as well.

When you read through the document, the discipline of physical education is likened to recess, physical activity and athletics. None of these are synonymous with physical education. MAHPERD is asking for the adoption of the National Standards for Physical Education.

We are asking that you email:

Governor Healey at:
Secretary of Education, Dr. Patrick Tutwiler-
Commissioner of Education, Jeff Riley-

If they hear from MANY health educators and physical education professionals, it would give us more support in being heard as your MAHPERD leadership continually works behind the scenes to talk with DESE professionals and MA Legislators. There is as they say, “strength in numbers”! We suggest that you speak to the needs of your district emphasizing the need of both disciplines to be properly reflected in this document and necessary for the health and well-being of all K-12 students.

Finally, please make sure you let us know if you have written the Governor, Secretary of Education and the Commissioner as this is imperative to our advocacy campaign!

Action Step: Please fill out this form here if you have done so with your name and district.

Many thanks for all you do,