Go social on Speak Out Day 2019! #MAStudentSpeakOutDay

May 6th

Educating members of our legislature about quality Health and Physical Education is a critical part of our efforts to build advocacy and awareness around the great work we do to help every child in the state of MA achieve healthy and active lifestyles! Conversations on social media are a great and easy way to reach members of the legislature and to make your voice heard to a larger audience.

Be sure to follow us:

Facebook - @Massahperd
Twitter - @MariaMelchiond4
Joan Meschino: Mass State Representative hosting our group @JoanMeschino
Carly Wright: Director of Public Policy & Advocacy for SHAPE @CWrightHPE
Stephanie Morris: Shape America CEO @SHAPEAmericaCEO
Jake Bersin: MAHPERD Advocacy co-chair @nextlevelpe
Sarah Cahill: MAHPERD Public Relations @SarahCahill1

Use the appropriate hashtags in your posts:
● General Twitter Handle for Speak Out Day: #MAStudentSpeakOutDay
● Health Education: #HealthEd
● Physical Education: #PhysEd #PhysicalLiteracy

What should I post?
● Words, pictures, videos - people love visuals
● Let people know you are here or that you met with your legislator
o Take pictures or videos in your meetings and post them to your social media sites
● Go ahead and post pictures of you/your group in the hallways, outside offices, near the Senate and House, near anything that inspires you!

General: Here are some examples of social media posts you could create.

Facebook  I’m heading to the State House on March 6th for our Student Speak Out Day! We’ll be educating our legislators about quality health and physical education in Massachusetts. #MAStudentSpeakOutDay

Twitter #MAStudentSpeakOutDay is 3/6! Join me as we talk to legislators about quality health and physical education #Advocacy