2022-2023 Membership Rates

Professional $79.00

Student $25.00

Retired $15.00


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Membership Information

Membership shall be open to all persons engaged in health, physical education, recreation, dance, and athletics, contingent upon payment of annual dues. Categories of membership are: professional, student, retired, honorary, and life members.

1. Professional membership shall be all employees of a public or private agency engaged in health, physical education, recreation, dance, and/or athletics.

2. Institutional membership offers individual professionals from the same district, school/college/agency or department the opportunity for substantial dues savings by renewing membership, rejoining and/or becoming new members together for the following year, through the convenience of our Institutional Membership Plan.

3. Student membership shall be open to full time students enrolled in an undergraduate or a graduate professional program in health, physical education, recreation, or dance at an institution of higher learning with a courseload of 12 credits per semester. Professionals do not qualify for student status.

4. Retired membership shall be open to persons formerly engaged in programs of health, physical education, recreation, dance, and athletics.

5. Honorary membership may be awarded to persons outside the health, physical education, recreation, dance, and athletic professions who have made significant contributions. Nominations shall be proposed to the executive and state committees which must approve of such membership.

6. Memberships are non-refundable.

7. Membership in the Association is based on the public school year, September 1st to August 31st.

8. MAHPERD does not issue membership cards, as is the policy with all the other state HPERD associations. The only exception is for convention attendees as the membership card is part of the convention registration form. We will provide proof of membership upon request.


Benefits of Membership

Some of the ever increasing benefits of being a member of MAHPERD:

* First and foremost you are a part of a vital professional organization 2000 plus members strong, having experienced rapid growth of 60% over the past 10 years. The Officers, Executive and State Committees are dedicated individuals who care deeply about our Association and its members, and are committed to addressing the needs and concerns of the membership.

* Conventions, conferences and workshops designed to meet the needs and interests of our membership, covering important and timely topics in the fields of physical education, health and recreation. Bringing in expert keynote speakers who are authorities in their fields and are recognized nationally.

* A major Annual Awards Program recognizing outstanding professionals and programs in the fields of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

* Active presence at the statehouse and Department of Education, advocating health and physical education as "core curriculum" subjects and not additional discretionary programs.

* MAHPERD is sponsoring along with the American Heart Association, Harvard Prevention Research Center, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Massachusetts Public Health Association and others a Quality Physical Education Bill that was filed in December, 2004.

* Professional Development Points (PDPs). MAHPERD is the leader in providing Physical Education and Health PDPs that are accepted by the Massachusetts Department of Education.

* The MAHPERD Newsletters, with timely articles and notices of professional interest, including Workshops, Clinics, Conferences and special events.

* An opportunity to network with colleagues, across the state and country.

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