MAHPERD Membership List 2019-2020

This is the current list of 2019-2020 MAHPERD members. The membership year starts September 1st and runs through August 31st of the following year. Letters in the status box indicate your current membership status.

Everyone on this list is a 2019-2020 member. If your name is not on this list then we have not received your membership application/renewal.

The letters in the membership status box indicates your membership category
First Letter: N= New, R= Renew, RJ= Rejoin, I= Institutional Membership

Second Letter: P= Professional, S= Student, R= Retired Life= LIfe Member

Memberships for 2019-2020 will expire on August 31, 2020

If you were previously a member of MAHPERD, in the last 5 years, and would like to find your membership number click here.

Updated October 14, 2019

Mem# Last Name First Name School Business Status 2019 2020
7130 Albano Gianna Westfield State Student R-S
1454 Alexander Kristyn Bourne Public Schools R-P
2068 Ammendolia Kathleen C.T. Douglas School RJ-P
1856 Andersen Brian Clinton Public Schools N-P
9920 Arnold Mary
7189 Arruda Brian Bridgewater State Student N-S
2032 Athens James Clarke Middle School R-P*
9941 Baker Richard Past President 1982 Life-R
1163 Bean Lauren Cambridge Public Schools R-P
2272 Beary John Narragansett Regional High School RJ-P
1737 Beauchesne William Pelham Memorial High School R-P
7152 Beaver Dennis Westfield State Student N-S
7036 Bell Megan Bridgewater State Student N-S
1575 Belocas Linda Plymouth Public Schools R-P*
7113 Benoit Morgan Westfield State Student N-S
7164 Bicknell Brittany Westfield State Student R-S
2154 Bixby Centric Sarah Amesbury High School RJ-P
1837 Blain Ryan Chicopee High School N-P
9962 Bohler Heidi Westfield State University R-P
1137 Bonn Brendan Pierce Middle School R-P
2263 Borjestedt Linnea Medfield High School R-P-I
7124 Bosse Caitlin Westfield State Student R-S
2376 Boudreau Steve Ryan Elementary School N-P
7364 Bourque Evan Westfield State Student R-S
2295 Bovard Katie Leverett Elementary School R-P*
7306 Brackett Baylee Springfield College Student R-S
7004 Bresciani Kevin Bridgewater State Student R-S
1510 Brown Scott Westford Academy R-P*
2336 Bruno Jamie Ryan Elementary School RJ-P
1353 Bryant Sherry MIAA R-P*
2416 Buonacore Tricia Littleton Middle School R-P
1205 Burke Melissa Clarke Middle School R-P*
2451 Callender Melissa Armstrong Elementary School R-P*
1056 Cambridge Jeff Medfield High School R-P-I
7232 Camera Vincenzo Westfield State Student N-S
9077 Campbell Cynthia Boston Public Schools - Retired R-R
7174 Campeau Summer Bridgewater State Student N-S
1959 Carmel Lynne Carlisle Public Schools RJ-P
1769 Carpentier David Bay Path Regional HS RJ-P
1367 Carty Maureen Elm Street School N-P
2825 Casey Kate Abington Public Schools R-P
1727 Cassullo Francine Keefe Technical High School R-P
7007 Chace Matthew Bridgewater State Student N-S
1331 Chan William Conant Elementary School R-P
7408 Chapdelaine Jennifer Westfield State Student R-S
1094 Charters Ripp Gardner Middle School RJ-P
7519 Chernick Abigail Westfield State Student R-S
7066 Clark Sarah Bridgewater State Student R-S
9924 Coakley Ann
2288 Cobill Daniel Centerville Elementary School R-P
1572 Cochrane Tom Bird Middle School R-P
9915 Cohen Carolyn West Roxbury High School Life-R
1707 Colello George Forest Ave Elementary R-P
2287 Connolly Mary Cambridge College R-P
9928 Considine William Springfield College Life-R
2667 Cooper Danielle Weston High School R-P*
2698 Corazzini Robert Assabet Valley Tech High School R-P
9914 Corcoran Theresa
1072 Cordo Stephanie Holton-Arms School R-P*
7493 Correia Fabian Springfield College Student R-S
9032 Coughlin Cindy Springfield Public Schools - Retired R-R
1409 Coutinho Paul Medfield High School R-P-I
1860 Couture Josephine Chicopee High School N-P
2763 Cowell Susan Medfield Public Schools R-P-I
1051 Craft Leigh Gardner Middle School RJ-P
9939 Crisafulli Dick Mass Hospital School -Retired Life-R
2041 Cucinotta Lauren Keefe Technical High School R-P
2373 Cuzzupe Vic Brookline Public Schools RJ-P
1931 Cyr Carl Frontier Reg High School R-P
2519 D'Ambrosio Virginia SEEM Collaborative R-P
2078 D'Antuono Carol Diamond Middle School R-P*
7243 D'Emilia Stefano Bridgewater State Student N-S
219 Daly Paul Derby Academy R-P
7270 Damon Brian Bridgewater State Student N-S
7185 Davern Jason Bridgewater State Student N-S
387 Davis-Delano Linda Springfield College R-P
7196 Deane Hunter Bridgewater State Student N-S
9913 DeAngelis Edith
2551 Delaney Heidi Hawthorne Brook Middle School R-P
1777 Deleskey Julia Essex North Shore Ag & Tech School R-P*
7127 DeLuca Mike Bridgewater State Student R-S
1334 DeLude Heather Bird Middle School R-P
9953 Demetrius Diana Mapleshade School R-P
7293 Denue Michaela Westfield State Student N-S
1801 Deremian David Heritage School R-P
2349 Desmarais Ryan Ford Middle School R-P
2143 Desroches Dennis Peabody Public Schools R-P
2794 deVaux Matthew Pioneer Charter School of Science R-P
1639 Devine Marie Elena Fontbonne Academy R-P
7126 Dionne Matt Bridgewater State Student R-S
1168 Dixon Liane Boston Collegiate Charter School RJ-P
9943 Doucette Paul Bridgewater State University Life-R
1571 Douglas Tim Oakmont Regional High School R-P
2076 Douglass Nicole Winnacunnet High School R-P*
9909 Downey Mary
727 Drude Meg Barnstable Public Schools R-P
2338 Duncan David Spark Academy R-P
9954 Duval Toni Wellesley Schools - Retired Life-R
2138 El-Sherif Jennifer Salem State University R-P
1167 Enos Meghan Nichols Middle School R-P
1902 Erhardt Jason Norfolk County Agricultural High School R-P*
7131 Evans Kalen Bridgewater State Student N-S
7014 Fahey Alexis Bridgewater State Student N-S
9911 Farrell Marie
1669 Feeley Max Plum Cove Elementary School R-P
1171 Finch Edward Nichols Middle School N-P
2653 Finnegan Robin McCann Techical School R-P
7319 Flanagan Logan Westfield State Student N-S
7046 Fleming Robert Bridgewater State Student N-S
7089 Florek Hannah Westfield State Student N-S
1774 Force Kayleigh Clinton Public Schools N-P
1540 Fraser Chris Chickering School R-P
1147 Gainty Krista Walpole High School N-P
46 Gallo Ann Marie Salem State University R-P
1152 Galvam Derek Hastings Middle School R-P
1385 Gauthier Michael Mosier Elementary School R-P
2738 Gavin Erin Westborough High School R-P*
2370 Geary Quinn Walpole Psxublic Schools N-P
2346 Generazzo Cynthia South Coast Educational Collaborative N-P
7147 Geoffrion Hannah Bridgewater State Student N-S
1406 Gerrior Marci Lexington Public Schools R-P
2498 Glencross Hillary Watertown High School R-P
7186 Golden Lindsey Bridgewater State Student N-S
7110 Goldstein Naomi Westfield State Student N-S
2173 Goncalves Michaela Swansea Public Schools N-P
2291 Goodwin Bruce H. Olive Day School R-P*
2144 Gorman James Abington Middle School R-P*
7326 Grace Allison Springfield College Student N-S*
1676 Graffeo Jeannie Hudson High School R-P
2436 Graham Jennie Qualters Middle School R-P
1618 Green Scott Milton Academy R-P
2412 Grogan Erin Brookline Public Schools N-P
1691 Guimond Derek Lunenburg High School R-P
7386 Haffey Jane Boston University Student N-S
9957 Hall Sheryl Ells Elementary School R-P
2569 Hansen Shannon Morton Elementary School R-P
977 Harpham Jeffrey Waltham Public Schools R-P
9917 Harris Jan Bridgewater State University Life-R
9901 Haslett Jacqueline UMass/ Boston - Retired Life-R
2385 Hatcher Carissa Match Charter School R-P*
7033 Haughn Drew Bridgewater State Student N-S
1404 Healey Alyssa Dover-Sherborn High School R-P
2530 Hetu Jeffrey Case High School N-P
1848 Hill Cathy Bresnahan Elementary School R-P
1813 Hochman Peter Thurston Middle School R-P*
7035 Howland Dashawn Bridgewater State Student N-S
1225 Hutchinson Reilly Groton-Dunstable Reg High School R-P
1157 Infanger Derek Pioneer Charter School R-P
2951 Ireland Michelle Hanover Middle School R-P*
1890 Isenberg David Millville Elementary School R-P
1913 Johannessen Catherine Bourne Intermediate School R-P*
2199 Johnson Sarah MIT R-P*
7246 Jolimeau Herby Bridgewater State Student N-S
1272 Jones Ben Glover Elementary School R-P-I
7302 Jordan Natasha Springfield College Student R-S
2025 Joslin Rachel Barnstable School System R-P
7249 Kaishian James Springfield College Student R-S*
2822 Kampper Matt Westport Jr/Sr High School R-P
2735 Karvonen Kim Ford Middle School R-P
2806 Kelleher Andrea Grafton Middle School R-P
1778 Kelsch Larry Bourne Intermediate School R-P
1810 Kendall Steve Ayer-Shirley High School N-P
7301 Kenku Cyhrief Bridgewater State Student N-S
2580 Kennedy Scott Sutton Public Schools R-P
141 Kincaid Susan READS Collaborative R-P
9907 King Mason
349 Kinneen Kristen Groton-Dunstable Regional Schools R-P
9000 Klenk Paul North Attleboro Schools - Retired R-R
9910 Knapp Mary
9918 Knight Gerald Somerville Schools Life-R
7184 Kopas Mary Grace Bridgewater State Student N-S
1619 Korzec Heather Palmer Public Schools N-P
9922 Krasinski Shirley
9904 Kurtz Bruce
9931 LaBelle Gerald Mayflower Pediatrics Life-R
1607 LaCortiglia Matt Perkins School for the Blind R-P*
1482 Lane Timothy Boston Public Schools R-P
7059 Langan Mike Bridgewater State Student N-S
630 Langton Terry Hanover Public Schools R-P
1076 Largesse Robin Grafton Public Schools N-P
1980 LaRocque Danielle Holten Richmond Middle School R-P
2050 Laughna Mary Medfield Public Schools R-P-I
1631 Lawton Heather Frontier Reg High School N-P
2634 Leahy Terrence Longmedow Public Schools R-P
2113 LeBlanc Matthew Groton-Dunstable Regional High School R-P
1503 Leeming Bryanne Unruly Studios R-P*
2579 Leggett Jessica Linden STEAM Academy R-P*
2119 LeMaire Matthew Grafton Middle School R-P
2730 Leveillee Diane Leicester Middle School R-P*
2796 Levesque Teresa South Coast Educational Collaborative R-P*
7256 Louis Marc Bridgewater State Student N-S
7037 Luchini Matthew Bridgewater State Student N-S
1445 Lynch Todd Groton-Dunstable Middle School R-P
2739 MacDonald Wayne Forestdale School R-P
9948 MacInnis Alice Andover Public Schools - Retired Life-R
2692 Mahjoory Teresa Macomber Primary School R-P
2296 Mangaudis Patricia Stratton Elementary RJ-P
7146 Maniscalco Damien Westfield State Student N-S
2626 Manning Carol Worcester Public Schools R-P
1552 Marini Donald Keefe Technical High School R-P
1192 Marsh Allyson King Philip Middle School R-P
9930 Masters Clark President 1998-99 Life-R
1668 McAuliffe John Peaslee Elementary School R-P
7176 McCaffrey Charles Bridgewater State Student N-S
7188 McCarthy Jessica Bridgewater State Student N-S
2060 McClendon Duane St. John's Preparatory RJ-p
1091 McCullough Kathleen Blake Middle School R-P-I
9958 McDiarmid Patricia Springfield College R-P
1996 McEvoy Bernadette Pierce Middle School R-P-I
2432 McGinley Lori Pembroke Academy N-P
7329 McLeod Justin Bridgewater State Student N-S
9009 McNally Brian Andover Public Schools - Retired R-R
1934 McNamara Maribeth Dudley Elementary School R-P
7237 McNeil Kerrylee Westfield State Student RJ-S
1960 McPhillips Keri Fontbonne Academy R-P*
2260 McRae Matt Forestdale School N-P
1432 Medeiros Lori Whitman-Hanson RSD R-P
7048 Megnia Melissa Bridgewater State Student R-S
1865 Meiners Valerie Andover Public Schools R-P
9937 Melchionda Maria MAHPERD Executive Director R-P
1105 Merritt Andrea Dover-Sherborn Middle School R-P
9959 Moosbrugger Michelle Springfield College R-P
1844 Morano Patricia Mashpee High School R-P
2658 Morello Michael Fowler School RJ-P
2928 Morin Donna Heritage School R-P
9916 Moses Nancy Bridgewater State University Life-R
2676 Mullin Elizabeth Springfield College R-P
2760 Munce Brian Wood Elementary School R-P
345 Murphy Sean Groton-Dunstable Middle School R-P
2268 Murray Jessica Wheelock Elementary School R-P-I
7072 Nalon Madison Westfield State Student N-S
1834 Nawrocki Mairi Medfield Public Schools R-P-I
7205 Naylor Samuel Bridgewater State Student N-S
2153 Nazzaro Matt Rumney Marsh Academy R-P*
2697 Nicalek Mike Assabet Valley Tech High School R-P
7019 Nichols Hunter Bridgewater State Student N-S
2514 Nickerson Mark Blake Middle School R-P-I
7309 Nista Michaela Bridgewater State Student N-S
9934 Nolan Olive
2923 Nunes Nelly Hastings Middle School R-P
2169 O'Brien Emmett Diamond Middle School R-P*
2117 O'Connell Michael Hampshire Regional R-P
7488 O'Donnell Jonathan Bridgewater State Student N-S
1548 O'Leary John Pierce Middle School R-P-I
9912 O'Neil Nancy Lincoln-Sudbury Schools - Retired Life-R
7013 Osborne Gabby Westfield State Student N-S
7230 Osinaga Michael Bridgewater State Student N-S
1396 Pacheco Alyssa Somerset Middle School N-P
7073 Pagnini Mikayla Bridgewater State Student R-S
7247 Paige Noah Bridgewater State Student N-S
1453 Paine Kimberli Springfield Public Schools R-P
1519 Parisi Lindsay Fitchburg State University R-P*
1189 Parker Prophet Boston Collegiate Charter School RJ-P
7671 Parks Tanner Westfield State Student N-S
2742 Parseghian Scott Wayland Public Schools R-P
7061 Patten Celina Bridgewater State Student N-S
2573 Peterson Ashley John W. Wynn Middle School R-P*
7034 Phillips Meagan Bridgewater State Student N-S
7171 Pignone Kaylee Bridgewater State Student N-S
2681 Pikor Michelle Edgartown School R-P
9946 Pinkham Kathy Needham Public Schools R-P
1348 Pinto Deb Hopkinton Middle School R-P
2253 Polverari Dena Smith Academy R-P
9925 Porter Tony Lexington High School - Retired Life-R
9960 Psimopoulos Constantine Harvard University R-P
2313 Pulkinen Rebecca Beaver Brook Elementary R-P*
2900 Quinn Brian CA Farley Elementary School R-P
9951 Rausch Bob Westfield State University R-P
2431 Rich Kelly Nichols Middle School R-P
7080 Richard Julian Westfield State Student N-S
207 Richardson Karen Bridgewater State University R-P
9950 Riley Bill Attleboro Schools - Retired R-R
474 Riordan Jeanne Dover Public Schools R-P
7125 Robarge Nathan Westfield State Student N-S
1356 Robidoux Ali Somerset Middle School N-P
7027 Rodrick Curtis Bridgewater State Student N-S
7206 Roias Carlos Bridgewater State Student N-S
7053 Romanko Gregory Bridgewater State Student N-S
7520 Rosado John Springfield College Student R-S
7139 Ross Drew Bridgewater State Student N-S
2116 Rounds Barrett Gloucester Public Schools R-P
2683 Roy Leanne Oakmont Reg High School R-P
9927 Rugen Marjorie
2211 Ruggiero Victoria Walpole High School R-P
9955 Ruseckas Donna Andover Public Schools R-P
2635 Russotto Kathleen Longmeadow Public Schools R-P
2309 Salmon Amanda Luther Burbank Middle School R-P
9938 Samaria Richard Wellington School Life-R
1909 Santos Michael Carver Middle School R-P
1770 Sauro Laura Case Junior High School R-P
1755 Schoenfeld Amanda Brookine Public Schools R-P*
794 Schulz Karin West Villages Elementary R-P
2033 Shannon George Clarke Middle School R-P*
1653 Signoroni Phil Pioneer Charter School R-P
9906 Silbor Jr. Hurley Blackstone-Millville Reg Life-R
565 Silva Cathy East Fairhaven School R-P
7342 Slutz Nicholas Bridgewater State Student N-S
9919 Smith Johanne
1410 Sollows Kim Barnstable Intermediate School R-P
9942 Somensini Rose
2304 Spino Nicholas Sizer School N-P
9956 St Laurent Patricia Springfield Public Schools R-P
1952 Stevens Nick Medfield Public Schools R-P-I
661 Stinson Laura Woburn Street School R-P
1973 Stoens Hannah Tyngsborough Middle School N-P
7230 Stratton Samantha Springfield College Student N-S
2408 Sullivan Jessica Abington Public Schools R-P
1342 Tatro Robert Sunita Williams Elementary School R-P
9949 Taylor Karin Boston Schools - Retired Life-R
2710 Teixeira Amy Westport Elementary School R-P
7177 Tejeda Jadiel Bridgewater State Student R-S
2059 Thibeault Kristen Medfield High School R-P-I
2194 Thomas Kevin Norfolk Public Schools R-P*
9921 Thornburg Mary Lou Bridgewater State College Life-R
9936 Tolken Joyce Bridgewater State University Life-R
9004 Toohey Sue Braintree Public Schools - Retired R-R
2497 Trudeau Amber Sutton High School R-S*
1914 Tucker Cameron McKay Arts Academy R-P*
2201 Tullson Colin Swansea Public Schools R-P
7241 Turco Andrew Bridgewater State Student N-S
1524 van Keuren Blair Kate Frontier Reg School N-P
1170 Verelst Sneha Sizer School R-P
2191 Verna Joan Abington Middle School R-P*
1501 Vigue Noel Milton Public Schools R-P-I
2020 Viscardi Beth RJ Grey Junior High School R-P
1258 Wassell Nicole Springfield College R-P
7513 Webb Dereck Springfield College Student R-S
7211 Weinberger Elisabeth Westfield State Student R-S
2654 Welch Amanda The Bromfield School N-P
7153 Werra Katie Bridgewater State Student N-S
1904 Wilson Jennifer Carver Middle School R-P
1260 Wong Jack The Fay School R-P
1028 Woods Thomas Blake Middle School R-P-I
1421 Woodward Sarah Ralph C. Mahar Regional School R-P
7242 Wright Amy Bridgewater State Student N-S
7192 Yerly Jessica Bridgewater State Student N-S
7028 Yurkevicius Laura Bridgewater State Student N-S