MAHPERD Membership List 2022-2023

This is the current list of 2022-2023 MAHPERD members. The membership year starts September 1st and runs through August 31st of the following year. Letters in the status box indicate your current membership status.

Everyone on this list is a 2022-2023 member. If your name is not on this list then we have not received your membership application/renewal.

The letters in the membership status box indicates your membership category
First Letter: N= New, R= Renew, RJ= Rejoin, I= Institutional Membership

Second Letter: P= Professional, S= Student, R= Retired Life= LIfe Member

Memberships for 2022-2023 will expire on August 31, 2023

Updated March 20, 2023

Mem# Last Name First Name School Business Status 2022 2023
1859 Abate Joe Bird Middle School RJ-P
2014 Abrams Tracy Viveiros Elementary School R-P-I
7252 Adolt Leeten Springfield College Student RJ-S
2029 Albert Courtney Newton North High School R-P-I
1454 Alexander Kristyn Bourne Public Schools R-P
1218 Alfonso Tim Lincoln Elementary School RJ-P
1660 Allaire Sean Carver Elementary School RJ-P
7483 Alves Thomas Westfield State Student R-S
990 Amato David Springfield Public Schools N-P
1856 Andersen Brian Clinton Public Schools RJ-P
1843 Andre Carla Medford Public Schools R-P*
2294 Angelo Joseph Somerville High School N-P-I
2089 Anselmi Alan May Center School R-P
1055 Aransky Amy Newton South High School R-P
2215 Archambault Eric North Reading High School R-P
7104 Archambault Jarrett Bridgewater State Student R-S
900 Arivella Megan Haverhill Public Schools N-P
1321 Armstrong Patrick Auburn Middle School R-P
2205 Arnold Alysha Franklin Public Schools R-P-I
2712 Arria Michelle Somerville Public Schools N-P-I
7366 Arruda Dylan Bridgewater State Student R-S
2348 Arsenault Scott Marshall Middle School N-P-I
7010 Ash Junichi Westfield State Student N-S
2606 Austin Bryan CATCH Global Foundation N-P
1223 Axlerod Brian Somerville Public Schools N-P-I
2977 Bacher Libby Amigos Elementary School R-P
2564 Baker Alex Longmeadow Public Schools R-P
9941 Baker Richard Past President 1982 Life-R
7539 Baker Lindsey Bridgewater State Student N-S
1986 Ball Rachel Needham Public Schools R-P-I
2918 Baniukiewicz Matthew Clinton Public Schools RJ-P
7210 Banyi Michaela Springfield College R-S
1122 Barbale John Naquag Elementary School RJ-P
1054 Barber Abigail Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School RJ-P
904 Barnard Craig Haverhill Public Schools N-P
2631 Barone Michael Tansey Elementary School N-P-I
2081 Barrett Paula Richardson Middle School R-P
1984 Bartlett Jeff Holten Richmond Middle School R-P
1570 Bartlett Nicholas Auburn High School RJ-P
1693 Baugher Lauren Newton North HS R-P-I
9005 Baumgarten Sam Bridgewater State University RJ-R
1163 Bean Lauren Springfield College R-S
1737 Beauchesne William Andover High School R-P-I
2932 Beaulac Cory South Street School R-P
1489 Beaulieu Kelly Durfee High School R-P-i
7029 Beauparland Matt Bridgewater State Student N-S
2627 Bechtold Jennifer Belchertown Public Schools N-P
2661 Begley Peter Consentino School RJ-P
910 Begley Lisa Haverhill Public Schools N-P
1575 Belocas Linda Plymouth Public Schools R-P
2757 Bennett Melonie Braintree Public Schools R-P-I
7300 Bentley Mark Bridgewater State Student R-S
7447 Bercume Kaileigh Bridgewater State Student N-S
2161 Bergeron Nate Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School R-P-I
1101 Bernard Kelly Johnny Appleseed School R-P
2754 Bersin Jake Worcester Public Schools R-P
2943 Best Sean Benjamin Banneker Charter School R-P
2600 Bianco Marcella CATCH Global Foundation N-P
1241 Bishop Gail Somerville High School RJ-P-I
1717 Bisnette Monique Walsh Middle School RJ-P
2611 Bissanti Michael Framingham High School RJ-P
1837 Blain Ryan Chicopee High School R-P-I
2680 Bloy Cameron Cambridge Public Schools N-P
9962 Bohler Heidi Westfield State University R-P
2484 Boone Steven Lunenburg High School R-P
2434 Borenstein Robyn Swansea Public Schools R-P
2704 Borus BriAnn Plymouth Public Schools R-P
2960 Bourassa Tiffany Johnson Middle School R-P
2311 Bourn Drew Wellesley Middle School R-P-I
827 Bowen Heather Springfield Central HS R-P
2494 Bower Michael Newton North High School R-P
2111 Bowman Terri Vassal Lane Upper School R-P
2422 Brancaleone Joe Maynard High School R-P
1324 Breen Holly Andover High School R-P-I
2430 Breen Matthew MIT R-P
953 Bren Craig Beverly High School RJ-P
1918 Brenhiser Craig Newman Elementary School R-P-I
2731 Briggs Courtney Barnstable High School RJ-P
2687 Briggs Kevin Wachusett Regional High School N-P
1243 Brinkley Christian Somerville Public Schools N-P-I
2427 Britt Sarah Plymouth Public Schools RJ-P
908 Britton Jordan Haverhill High School N-P
1496 Brooks Lauren Derby Academy RJ-P
121 Brophy Kathy Wellesley High School R-P-I
9021 Brophy Susan Chelsea Public Schools - Retired R-R
7024 Brousseau Christina Bridgewater State Student N-S
9961 Brown Claudia T. Salem State University Life-R
2650 Brown Rebecca South Row Elementary N-P
1512 Burke Holly Spencer Borden Elementary School R-P-I
1950 Burke Cathy Shrewsbury Public Schools RJ-P
2597 Burke Scott Lincoln Public Schools R-P
1742 Burns Mary-Lou Hopkins Elementary School RJ-P
2403 Burns Yanina Lunenburg Public Schools R-P
1576 Burt Jane Plymouth Public Schools RJ-P
2428 Burtnyk Erin Shrewsbury High School R-P*
1985 Cabeceiras Chad Center School RJ-P
1688 Caburian Vicky Lincoln Sudbury High School RJ-P-I
2456 Caffelle Brian East Middle School R-P-I
2006 Cahill Sarah Movement In A Box R-R
7434 Cahoon James Bridgewater State Student N-S
1226 Cain Barry Curtis Middle School R-P
2925 Caldwell Betsey Nixon Elementary School R-P
1000 Camara Carlos Fonseca Elementary School R-P-I
1056 Cambridge Jeff Medfield High School R-P-I
1131 Cannell Erin Wellesley Middle School RJ-P-I
2620 Canterbury Aaron Memorial Middle School N-P
1059 Capone Hannah Fitchburg High School R-P
2670 Cappello Michael Dartmouth Public Schools RJ-P
2045 Card-Howe Danielle Cambridge Public Schools R-P
1982 Carme Jenna Franklin County Technical School RJ-P
1181 Carney Mark Dedham Public Schools RJ-P
2231 Carney Kara East Middle School R-P-I
2861 Caron Seth Impact Prep at Chestnut RJ-P
2160 Carpenter Deborah Locke Middle School N-P-I
1769 Carpentier David Bay Path Regional HS RJ-P
2458 Carr Amy North Elementary School RJ-P
1246 Carter Matt Somerville High School RJ-P-I
2234 Carter Kris Franklin Public Schools R-P-I
1772 Caruso Catherine Westborough High School R-P*
7006 Casine Jenna Westfield State Student N-S
1149 Cassidy Ryan Lincoln Public Schools R-P
1727 Cassullo Francine Keefe Technical High School R-P
2164 Cawley Kim Robinson Elementary School RJ-P
2695 Cawley Kathryn Old Colony RVTHS N-P
923 Chace Matthew Mansfield Public Schools R-P
1331 Chan William Conant Elementary School R-P
2889 Chant Tim Westwood High School RJ-P-I
1394 Charpentier Peter Leominster Public Schools RJ-P
2909 Chartier Amy Woodland Elementary School R-P
2642 Chauvin Krista Durfee High School N-P-I
1815 Chrebet Derek Edgartown School R-P
2880 Christiansen David Sharon High School R-P
2247 Chrzanowski Tania South Hadley High School R-P*
1075 Cicchinelli Rene Henry Lord Middle School R-P-I
2446 Cifrino Erica Eliot Elementary School R-P-I
1381 Cincotta John Hemenway Elementary RJ-P
1427 Clark Bradley Chocksett Middle School RJ-P
2678 Clark Tiffany Impact Prep at Chestnut N-P
1277 Clarkin Stacey Lincoln Public Schools R-P
2374 Clasby Suzanne Hanover Public Schools R-P
1395 Cleary Kathy Bournedale Elementary School R-P
7194 Cleaves Connor Bridgewater State Student N-S
1720 Cliff Kimberly Locke Middle School N-P
2533 Cocco Taylor Essex Tech N-P
1572 Cochrane Tom Bird Middle School RJ-P
2523 Coderre Ryan Baystate Academy Charter Public School RJ-P
1376 Coffey Matt Framingham Public Schools RJ-P
9915 Cohen Carolyn West Roxbury High School Life-R
1793 Colardo Mike Boyden Elementary School R-P
2967 Collamore Brian Palmer Public School District RJ-P
7367 Comeau Matt Bridgewater State Student R-S
2237 Connolly Miriam Franklin High School R-P-I
2644 Connors Liam Fall River Public Schools N-P-I
2566 Conrad Patrick Dawson Elementary School RJ-P
7023 Conrad Jordan Westfield State Student R-S
983 Conrad Drew Oak Hill Middle School N-P-I
7504 Constantine Jake Springfield College Student N-S
1491 Cook Amy Durfee High School R-P-I
2461 Cook Amanda Essex Tech N-P
2375 Cooke Sean New England Center for Children R-P-I
2233 Cooney Josh King Philip Middle School RJ-P
7251 Cooney Gavin Bridgewater State Student N-S
2667 Cooper Danielle Weston High School RJ-P
2698 Corazzini Robert Memorial Middle School RJ-P
1187 Cormier Kelly Chelmsford Public Schools R-P
1569 Coronis Mark Groton-Dunstable Middle School N-P
9083 Correa Sue Carver Elementary School - Retired R-R
1162 Corso Alyssa West Elementary School R-P-I
1640 Costa David Plymouth South High School RJ-P
1762 Costello Matthew North Reading High School R-P
77 Coughlin Jay Newton Public Schools R-P-I
9032 Coughlin Cindy Springfield Public Schools - Retired R-R
7311 Coupe Kevin Bridgewater State Student N-S
1409 Coutinho Paul Medfield High School R-P-I
1860 Couture Josephine Chicopee High School R-P-I
2656 Couture Justin Watson Elementary School N-P-I
7217 Covarrubias Molly Springfield College Student N-S
7244 Cox Stephan Salem State Student R-S
912 Crimmin Suzanne Haverhill High School N-P
9939 Crisafulli Dick Mass Hospital School -Retired Life-R
7374 Cropley David Bridgewater State Student R-S
1505 Cropper Lisa King Philip Middle School N-P
1053 Crowley Kathleen Andover High School RJ-P-I
2787 Crowley Edward Walsh Middle School RJ-P
2041 Cucinotta Lauren Reading Public Schools RJ-P
2520 Cuevas Rafael Baystate Academy Charter Public School R-P
1835 Cullen Trisha Sutton Middle School R-P
7050 Currier Zachary Bridgewater State Student N-S
2660 Curry Lori Hunking School RJ-P
7478 Cushing Hannah Springfield College Student N-S
7553 Czerwinski Thomas Springfield College Student RJ-S
2759 D'Amato Connie ECC / Bates / HML R-P
2519 D'Ambrosio Virginia SEEM Collaborative RJ-P
2087 Dacosta Alex Letourneau Elementary School N-P-I
7295 Daley Brandon Bridgewater State Student N-S
2115 DaMore Gayle North Reading Middle School R-P
1292 Darling Luke Broadmeadow Elementary R-P-I
987 Dasilva Jillian Morton Middle School R-P-I
1033 Davis Jackson Mason Road Elementary School R-P
970 Davis Sarah Green Meadows School N-P
2521 Dean Alicia Stoneham Public Schools RJ-P
9913 DeAngelis Edith
1709 DeAngelo John Haverhill Public Schools RJ-P
7420 Deblasiss Dylan Westfield State Student R-S
2517 Delehanty Erik King Elementary School RJ-P
1777 Deleskey Julia Essex North Shore Ag & Tech School RJ-P
2095 DeLuca Alyson King Philip Middle School RJ-P
1334 DeLude Heather Bird Middle School RJ-P
2662 Demarais Kevin Whittier Middle School RJ-P
1695 DeMarsh Renee Carver Elementary School RJ-P
2659 DeMelo Christine Diman Regional Voc Tech High School N-P
9953 Demetrius Diana Mapleshade School - Retired Life-R
1801 Deremian David Charlton Middle School R-P
2395 Derosier Ashlyn Bryn Mawr Elementary School N-P
2217 Derosier Janelle TECCA N-P
1626 DeSantis Lauren Sherwood Middle School RJ-P-I
2349 Desmarais Ryan Ford Middle School R-P
2143 Desroches Dennis Peabody Public Schools RJ-P
1983 Desroches Sarah DeValles Elementary School N-P
1954 Deutsch Lauren Greenlodge Elementary School R-P
2794 deVaux Matthew Monatiquit Elementary School R-P-I
1639 Devine Maria Fontbonne Academy R-P-I
1721 Dionne Matt Nichols Middle School R-P
7476 Disabella Dylan Westfield State Student N-S
2448 DiSanto Benjamin Cameron Middle School RJ-P
1789 DiStefano Kaitlyn Lincoln Public Schools N-P
2003 DiVencenzo Derick Somerville High School N-P-I
2355 Dodge Courtney Hayden McFadden Elementary School R-P
2203 Doiron Donna Westfield Intermediate School RJ-P
2715 Domnarski Denise Needham Pubic Schools R-P-I
1047 Donovan John Knox Trail Middle School R-P
9943 Doucette Paul Bridgewater State University Life-R
9909 Downey Mary
2959 Driscoll Renee Somerset Berkley Reg High School RJ-P
2071 Duchesneau Julianna Auburn Middle School N-P
2593 Duffy Kelsey Brophy Elementary School RJ-P
2594 Dufield Angela Chicopee Public Schools R-P
2378 Duggan Jackie Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School R-P-I
2632 Dugre Caitlin Falmouth High School R-P
2612 Duguay Kyle Remington Middle School R-P-I
1443 Dunn Sean Swanson Road Int School RJ-P
1525 Dupuis Melissa Auburn Middle School RJ-P
7484 Duquette Matthew Springfield College Student N-S
7036 Durocher Nicholas Bridgewater State Student N-S
9954 Duval Toni Wellesley Schools - Retired Life-R
7044 Eaton Amber Bridgewater State Student R-S
2179 Eccles Hannah Doran School R-P-I
2186 Efstratios Jr Alexander Forest Park Middle School N-P
1836 Efstratios Sr Alex Chicopee High School R-P-I
2138 El-Sherif Jennifer Salem State University R-P
7016 Elbe Julia Westfield State Student R-S
7084 Elias Gabriel Bridgewater State Student N-S
2377 Ellis Rich Braintree Public Schools R-R
1666 Elwell Todd Newton South HS R-P
1167 Enos Meghan Nichols Middle School R-P
7074 Enos Jake Westfield State Student R-S
1902 Erhardt Jason Tantasqua Regional Senior High School R-P
2871 Esposito Oscar Quabbin Regional High School RJ-P
2184 Evans Robert Bellingham High School R-P
1156 Everhart James Eliot School N-P-I
1849 Fabiano Julia Tewksbury Memorial High School R-P*
1564 Falcone Greg Walsh Midde School RJ-P
9043 Fantasia Tilia Westfield State College - Retired R-R
9911 Farrell Marie
1230 Fazio Johanna Quinn Middle School R-P
1998 Fenn Julie Lexington Public Schools R-P
952 Ferdella Julie Turkey Hill Elementary School RJ-P
1089 Fiehler Lucas Maynard High School N-P
1171 Finch Edward Nichols Middle School RJ-P
1486 Finn Stephanie Plymouth South High School R-P
1658 Finnegan Mitch Weston Public Schools R-P
1582 Fiorello Katherine Reading High School R-P*
1254 Fitzgerald Daniel Fall River Public Schools R-P-I
1646 Fitzgerald Robert Fall River Public Schools R-P-I
2275 Fitzgerald Mary Medfield Public Schools R-P-I
7287 Fitzgerald Riley Bridgewater State Student N-S
2991 Fitzpatrick Sydney Parker Elementary School RJ-P-I
988 Flaherty Patrick Baystate Academy Charter School R-P
7446 Flamme Madison Bridgewater State Student N-S
918 Fleck Riley Plymouth North High School N-P
1389 Flitsch Margaret Sprague Elementary School R-P-I
1587 Flynn Craig Locke Middle School RJ-P-I
2320 Flynn Jameson Fall River Public Schools R-P-I
2321 Flynn Janet Somerville Public Schools N-P-I
1703 Foley Patrick Westwood Public Schools RJ-P-I
2637 Foley Molly Walsh Middle School N-P
2147 Foley Scott Foxborough Public Schools N-P
2251 Fontes Elise Braintree Public Schools R-P-I
1774 Force Kayleigh Clinton Elementary School RJ-P
2384 Forcier Darlene Chicopee High School R-P-I
2490 Forrand Kevin New England Center For Children R-P-I
7095 Fortes Devin Bridgewater State Student N-S
7097 Fortin Sophia Bridgewater State Student N-S
1364 Foster Sharon Zervas Elementary School R-P-I
1540 Fraser Chris Chickering School R-P
965 Fraser Shelly Wayland Public Schools N-P
1281 Freeman Matthew South Middle School R-P-I
7566 Freitas Sean Bridgewater State Student N-S
2640 Furtado Kristin Henry Lord Middle School N-P-I
7538 Gabrielle Kimberly Bridgewater State Student N-S
7028 Gadry Justin Bridgewater State Student N-S
46 Gallo Ann Marie Salem State University R-P
2955 Garcia Shana Worcester Public Schools RJ-P
7392 Garcia Dawson Westfield State Student R-S
1876 Gates Karl Mile Tree School RJ-P
1083 Gauron Matt Hamilton-Wenham High School N-P-I
2227 Gebelein Kristen Franklin Public Schools N-P-I
1826 Gebo Kara Chicopee High School R-P-I
1063 Geiger Lauren Arlington High School N-P
2433 Gelinas Ellen Memorial School R-P-I
1857 Genova Corinne Somerville High School RJ-P-I
1406 Gerrior Marci Harrington Elementary School R-P
2148 Gibbs Jonathan Foxborough Public Schools N-P
1758 Gibson Ben Sanborn Elementary School R-P-I
2609 Gibson Lara Framingham High School RJ-P
2810 Gibson David Consentino Middle School RJ-P
922 Giglio Matt Plymouth Public Schools N-P
2965 Gilbert-Safford Lisa Longsjo Middle School R-P
1901 Gillis Kathleen Dover Schools RJ-P
7569 Giovaniello Laura Bridgewater State Student N-S
1009 Giribaldi Dave South Elementary School R-P-I
2770 Gladu Sylvain Maria Baldwin School R-P
2498 Glencross Hillary Watertown High School R-P
7514 Golato John Bridgewater State Student N-S
7186 Golden Lindsey Bridgewater State Student R-S
2241 Goldman Nick Horace Mann Middle School R-P-I
7318 Goldman Ryan Bridgewater State Student N-S
979 Gomes Ashley Lincoln-Sudbury High School N-P-I
1807 Gomez Karen Westfield Public Schools R-P
2173 Goncalves Michaela Case High School R-P
1356 Gonzalez Barbara Hudson High School N-P
2709 Goodwin Maura Somerville High School N-P-I
2929 Gordon Karen Center Elementary School RJ-P
9016 Gorman Debbie Hopkins School R-R
2847 Govoni Christie Pine Glen Elementary R-P
1874 Grace Herb Memorial School R-P-I
7246 Grande Stefanie Springfield College Student R-S
1073 Grant Joanne Wellesley Public Schools R-P
2722 Greeley Sarah Lincoln-Sudbury High School RJ-P-I
980 Green Erika Walpole Public Schools RJ-P
1618 Green Scott Milton Academy RJ-P
7051 Green George Bridgewater State Student N-S
7007 Greendale Carolyn Bridgewater State Student N-S
1804 Greenhouse Harrison Dunning Elementary School R-P
1176 Greenough Donna Oxford Public Schools N-P
1840 Grigsby Brian Peter Noyes Elementary School RJ-P
2261 Groccia Steven Springfield College R-P*
1010 Groner Colleen Eagle Hill School N-P
2973 Guarnotta Linda Plymouth Public Schools R-P
1335 Guest Paula Lincoln Elementary School RJ-P
1691 Guimond Derek Lunenburg High School RJ-P
2886 Guzzi Paul Hardy Elementary School R-P-I
7571 Hadla Olivia Westfield State Student N-S
901 Hall Arielle Pentucket Lake Elementary School N-P
2836 Hallihan Meghan Cambridge Public Schools R-P
7001 Hallis Sydnie Westfield State Student N-S
7014 Hamilton Hayden Westfield State Student R-S
2278 Hannigan James Cambridge Public Schools N-P
2569 Hansen Shannon Morton Elementary School RJ-P
2499 Hanson Jamie Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School RJ-P-I
1451 Hardy Paul Stoneham Middle School RJ-P
977 Harpham Jeffrey Waltham Public Schools R-P
2471 Harriman Amy Plymouth Public Schools R-P
1991 Harrington John Spencer Borden Elementary School R-P-I
9917 Harris Jan Bridgewater State University Life-R
2628 Hartery Daniel Balch Elementary School R-P
921 Harty Colin Plymouth Public Schools N-P
7076 Hasenfus Nicholas Bridgewater State Student N-S
9901 Haslett Jacqueline UMass/ Boston - Retired Life-R
259 Hautala Tonya Marlboro High School R-P
7088 Hayes Samantha Bridgewater State Student R-S
2489 Heggie Alex New England Center for Children R-P-i
1504 Hennessey Patrick Greenwood & Dolbeare Schools RJ-P
7421 Herbert Isabel Salem State Student R-S
1081 Herwig Jill Revere Public Schools R-P
2584 Hessel-Smith Jennifer Plymouth Public Schools R-P
2530 Hetu Jeffrey Case High School R-P
2812 Hickey Christine Tilton School RJ-P
1412 Higgins Patricia Locke Middle School RJ-P
2339 Hill Danielle Chicopee Public Schools R-P-I
7000 Hills Kayleigh Salem State Student N-S
1813 Hochman Peter Westwood Public Schools RJ-P-I
2090 Hodges Casey Mapleshade Elementary School R-P
2779 Hohengasser Laura TEC Connections Academy N-P
7041 Holdredge Caelan Bridgewater State Student RJ-P
2426 Hollis Jessica Grafton High School R-P
1239 Holloway Neil Somerville Public Schools RJ-P-i
7536 Holloway Tod Westfield State Student RJ-S
1817 Holmes Lisa Chicopee High School R-P-I
2532 Hooker Michael Hopkinton High School R-P
7338 Hooton Matthew Bridgewater State Student R-S
2846 Hornsleth Jennifer Fisher School RJ-P
7430 Howard Sarah Bridgewater State Student N-S
7159 Howe Ava Bridgewater State Student N-S
1875 Hughes Maria Tantasque Reg High School R-P
2193 Hunnewell Paul Wachuset Regional School District R-P
1964 Hurst Ashley Viveiros Elementary School N-P-I
1870 Iadarola Geoffrey Elm Street Elementary School N-P
1157 Infanger Derek Pioneer Charter School RJ-P
2951 Ireland Michelle Hanover Middle School R-P
1209 Irish Tristan North Reading Middle School R-P
969 Jacobson Kathryn Needham Public Schools N-P-I
2302 Jeffers Todd West Barnstable Elementary School R-P
1369 Jennesi Alison Auburn High School N-P
909 Jimenez Juan Haverhill Public Schools N-P
1913 Johannessen Catherine Bourne Intermediate School RJ-P
1788 Johnson Ken Wellesley Public Schools R-P-I
2619 Johnson Tiara Discovery High School RJ-P
2950 Jones Nicola Everett High School RJ-P
2761 Jordan-Quern Patrick Newton South High School R-P
2025 Joslin Rachel West Villages Elementary School RJ-P
2280 Kane James Bowman Elementary School R-P
1520 Katilus Lisa Hollis Elementary School R-P-I
7092 Kavka Darrell Bridgewater State Student R-S
1816 Kazakos Lucia Chicopee High School R-P-I
2934 Keane Thomas Hopkinton Public Schools RJ-P
2130 Keeler Abby Gateway Regional R-P
1447 Keenan Caryn Oak Middle School RJ-P-I
1492 Keenan Erin St Leo School N-P
2353 Keizer Kaileigh Fort River Elementary R-P
1228 Kelberman Adam Cameron Middle School RJ-P
1633 Keleher Marissa Medfield Public Schools R-P-I
9963 Kelley Barbi Hildreth Elementary School R-P
1315 Kelley Chad O'Donnell Middle School RJ-P
1714 Kelly Maria Dartmouth High School R-P
2719 Kelly Brendan Durfee High School R-P-i
7117 Kelly Jack Westfield State Student R-S
1728 Kelly Patricia Springfield Public Schools RJ-P
1999 Kelly Pamela Normandin Middle School N-P
7350 Kendall Jack Bridgewater State Student R-S
2263 Kennedy Linnea Medfield High School R-P-I
2580 Kennedy Scott Sutton High School RJ-P
2549 Kent Ryan Martha's Vineyard High School R-P
2123 Keough Matt Marshall Middle School RJ-P-I
1961 Khoury Steve Tantasqua Jr High School R-P
2400 Kibbe Casey Belchertown Public Schools N-P
9907 King Mason
984 Kingman Abbey Stoneham Public Schools R-P
349 Kinneen Kristen Groton-Dunstable Regional Schools RJ-P
2273 Kinsella Michelle Framingham Public Schools R-P
2821 Kippenberger Michael Pine Glen School R-P
1245 Kirwon Mark Somerville High School RJ-P-I
2093 Kiselica Christopher Pacheco Elementary School N-P
1969 Klein Amanda Lincoln-Sudbury High School RJ-P-I
9000 Klenk Paul North Attleboro Schools - Retired R-R
9910 Knapp Mary
9918 Knight Gerald Somerville Schools Life-R
1316 Knowles Peter McCarthy-Towne Elementary School RJ-P
7383 Koczera Matt Springfield College Student R-S
1790 Komow Shannon Newton Public Schools R-P-I
2629 Koob Kyle Belchertown Public Schools N-P
1619 Korzec Heather Palmer High School RJ-P
2491 Kot Lauren New England Center for Children R-P-I
1022 Koutzakiozis Denise O'Bryant High School N-P
1019 Koziara Michael Framingham Health & PE R-P
9922 Krasinski Shirley
9904 Kurtz Bruce
1280 Kuzmeski Beth Broadmeadow Elementary R-P-I
913 Kwgeyir-Attah Michael Haverhill Public Schools N-P
2221 L'Heureux Jill Freetown Elementary School R-P
9931 LaBelle Gerald Mayflower Pediatrics Life-R
903 LaBelle Cara Haverhill High School N-P
1607 LaCortiglia Matt Perkins School for the Blind R-P
2758 LaFerriere Bernard Ross School R-P-I
2717 LaFlash Rachel Braintree Public Schools R-P-I
1833 LaFond Michelle Chicopee High School R-P-I
985 Lamarine Peter Pathfinder Regional High School N-P
2525 Landau Howie Day Middle School R-P-I
1482 Lane Timothy Boston Public Schools R-P
7273 Lane Jackson Springfield College Student RJ-S
7450 Lane Bridget Bridgewater State Student N-S
2686 Lanetot Chris McCarthy Elementary School N-P
630 Langton Terry Hanover Public Schools R-P
7209 Lanner Noah Bridgewater State Student N-S
2481 LaPlante Kimberly Baird Middle School R-P
1953 LaRoche Julie Case Jr High School R-P
1980 LaRocque Danielle Town of Danvers R-P
2024 LaRose Jeff Shrewsbury Public Schools RJ-P-I
1016 LaSelva James Hamilton-Wenham Public Schools RJ-P-I
2987 Lashley Jenna Newton North High School R-P
1992 Laughlin Meghan Carlisle Public Schools RJ-P
2050 Laughna Mary Medfield Public Schools R-P-I
7363 Laumeister Alex Bridgewater State Student R-S
1970 Lavin Peter Quinn Elementary R-P
2475 Leader Christina East Middle School R-P-I
2165 Leahy Kevin Elmwood School RJ-P
2884 Leahy Kevin Flaherty School R-P-I
2113 LeBlanc Matthew Groton-Dunstable Regional High School R-P
2805 LeBlanc Ashley Mountview Middle school RJ-P
986 Legare Amanda Silvia Elementary School N-P-I
2140 Leger Laura Wellan Montessori School N-P
964 Legere Tammy Bay Path HS R-P
2119 LeMaire Matthew Grafton Middle School RJ-P
1293 Leonard Phil New England Center for Children R-P-I
7037 LePage Jackson Bridgewater State Student N-S
2561 LeSage Jon Hudson Public Schools RJ-P
2946 Lewinsky Kathy Marathon/Hopkins School RJ-P
1345 Ligon Devin Wellesley High School R-P-I
2064 Linsenbigler Kelsey Perkins School for the Blind R-P
1456 Lockwood Matthew Gardner Elementary RJ-P
7035 Loranger Anthony Bridgewater State Student N-S
1001 Lowney Erin Kuss Middle School R-P-I
1978 Lulsdorf Katie Dolbeare Elementary School RJ-P
1304 Lurgio Peter Westfield Middle School RJ-P
1445 Lynch Todd Groton-Dunstable Middle School R-P
1365 Lyons Tara Hopkinton Public Schools N-P
2739 MacDonald Wayne Forestdale School R-P
2911 Macdonald Kathleen Englesby Elementary School RJ-P
905 MacDonald Eric Nettle Middle School N-P
1937 MacDougall Robert Newton North High School R-P-I
9948 MacInnis Alice Andover Public Schools - Retired Life-R
7242 Mackie Connor Bridgewater State Student N-S
7390 Madden Kayla Springfield College Student R-S
2344 Madge Johanna Johnson Middle School R-P
7154 Magee Hannah Salem State Student N-S
1196 Maillet Diane Hopkinton High School RJ-P
1458 Maloney Nicole West Bridgewater Public Schools RJ-P
7133 Maloney Erin Springfield College Student R-S
1416 Manion Emily TEC Connections Academy RJ-P
410 Marble Susan Newton Public Schools R-P-I
1062 Margiotta Ellen Stapleton Elementary School R-P
1192 Marsh Allyson King Philip Middle School RJ-P
2582 Martin Ryan Mitchell School R-P-I
1188 Mason Stephanie DuBois Middle School R-P
2168 Mason Laurie Clarke Middle School R-P
9930 Masters Clark President 1998-99 Life-R
2235 Masto Michael Franklin High School R-P-I
1927 Mastromatteo Dee Ashland Middle School RJ-P
2145 Materazzo Thomas Haggerty School RJ-P
7438 Mathieu Nicolas Bridgewater State Student N-S
1828 Matson Meghan South Elementary School R-P-I
2084 Mayer Bradley Park Street School N-P
2864 Mazza Kelly Lincoln-Sudbury High School RJ-P-I
1668 McAuliffe John Peaslee Elementary School R-P
2507 McAuliffe Haley Braintree High School R-P-I
2677 McCall Ruth Fox Hill Elementary R-P
1185 McCann Bernie Billerica Public Schools N-P-I
1233 McCarthy Garrett Chelmsford Public Schools RJ-P
1267 McCarthy Jamie Cambridge Public Schools R-P
1726 McCarthy Jason Weston Public Schools R-P
2924 McCarthy Corinne Easton Public Schools RJ-P
1091 McCullough Kathleen Medfield Public Schools R-P-I
1787 McDonald Melissa Chicopee High School R-P-I
1300 McGovern Laura Dover-Sherborn High School RJ-P
1025 McGraw Jessica Hamilton-Wenham Public Schools N-P-I
7245 McInnes Connor Bridgewater State Student N-S
7149 McKay Will Springfield College Student N-S
2061 McKenna Richard Billerica Public Schools N-P-I
9964 McNally Brian Andover Public Schools - Retired Life-R
2665 McNeill Kevin Belchertown Public Schools N-P
2526 McNulty Kayleen Marshall Middle School N-P-I
1960 McPhillips Keri Fontbonne Academy R-P-I
2260 McRae Matt Forestdale School R-P
2267 McVeigh Candice Andover High School R-P-I
1622 Medas Monica Brown Elementary School R-P
1432 Medeiros Lori Whitman-Hanson Regional RJ-P
7126 Mediate Colin Springfield College Student R-S
1531 Megnia Melissa Braintree High School R-P-I
1865 Meiners Valerie Andover Public Schools R-P
2369 Melchert Jon Plymouth Public Schools RJ-P
9937 Melchionda Maria MAHPERD Executive Director R-P
2666 Mello Cynthia Greene Elementary R-P-i
2281 Mello Jaime Alma Del Mar Charter School RJ-P
2974 Mello Ben Plymouth Public Schools RJ-P
2675 Mello Scott Greene Elementary School N-P-I
915 Memoli Jennifer Jordan Jackson Elementary School N-P
1700 Mercer James Chicopee High School R-P-I
7096 Metivier Autumn Westfield State Student R-S
7053 Miccile Emily Adelphi University N-S
891 Miller Mike Hopkinton High School RJ-P
937 Miller Parindar Acton-Boxboro Reg HS RJ-P
2679 Miller Michael Springfield College N-P
7181 Minnock Anna Bridgewater State Student R-S
2528 Minns Ryan Palmer High School R-P
1809 Moffa Frederick Old Mill Pond Elementary School RJ-P
2343 Montminy Aimee Billerica High School N-P-I
2764 Moody Lorna Fall Brook School RJ-P
7409 Moody Haley Springfield College Student R-S
9959 Moosbrugger Michelle Springfield College R-P
1844 Morano Patricia Mashpee High School R-P
1858 Moreau Morgan DiPietro School R-P
7139 Moreau Becky Bridgewater State Student N-S
2658 Morello Michael Maynard Public Schools RJ-P
2396 Moriarty Kyle Swanson Road Intermediate School RJ-P
2928 Morin Donna Heritage Elementary School RJ-P
2512 Moroney Connor Norwood Public Schools R-P
1361 Morrill Tom Tewksbury Public Schools R-P
1457 Morrissey Kim Kennedy Middle School R-P-I
7276 Morse Nicholas Bridgewater State Student R-S
9916 Moses Nancy Bridgewater State University Life-R
2476 Moules Wendy Burlington Public Schools RJ-P
1680 Mulryan John Wellesley High School R-P-I
2576 Munce Colleen North Elementary School RJ-P
2760 Munce Brian Wood Elementary School RJ-P
1566 Murgia Angela Newton Public Schools R-P-I
345 Murphy Sean Groton-Dunstable Middle School RJ-P
2240 Murphy Kevin Haverhill Public Schools RJ-P
917 Murphy Suzanne Plymouth Public Schools N-P
1120 Murphy Mark West Springfield Middle School RJ-P
982 Murphy Timothy Newton North High School N-P-I
1005 Murphy Daniel Somerset Middle School N-P
2389 Murray Myles Talbot Middle School R-P-I
1829 Nash Melissa Neary Elementary School RJ-P
2598 Nash Bill Highland Elementary School R-P-I
2610 Navarro Allison West Middle School R-P-I
1834 Nawrocki Mairi Dale Street School R-P-I
2139 Neely CJ Foxborough Public Schools N-P
2657 Neslusan Christine Wales Elementary School N-P
2616 Neutzling Misti Bridgewater State University R-P
2697 Nicalek Mike Assabet Valley Tech High School RJ-P
2868 Nicholas Carol Francis Wyman School RJ-P
2335 Nichols Sarah Tantasqua Junior High R-P
2514 Nickerson Mark Blake Middle School R-P-I
2516 Nickerson Ryan Hajjar Elementary School N-P-I
906 Nigro George Haverhill Public Schools N-P
7389 Niman Gianna Springfield College Student N-S
2651 Niyonzima Ken Marshall SImonds Middle School N-P
7207 Nocera Michael Bridgewater State Student R-S
2366 Nolan Laura Richer Elementary School R-P
9934 Nolan Olive
7087 Norman Matthew Bridgewater State Student N-S
1274 Norton Dan Marathon Elementary School R-P
9036 Norvish Barabara Bridgewater State - Retired RJ-R
7002 Novakoski Ava Bridgewater State Student R-S
1222 Nusa Geno Old Colony RVTHS N-P
2419 Nute Priya Sudbury Public Schools RJ-P
2018 O'Connell Michael Cambridge Public Schools R-P
2117 O'Connell Michael Hampshire Regional RJ-P
2741 O'Connell Bill Braintree High School R-P-I
7225 O'Connell Colleen Springfield College Student R-S
2036 O'Connell-Copp Megan Perkins School for the Blind R-P
2332 O'Connor AnnMarie Salem Public Schools R-P*
1140 O'Connor Kelsey Alma del Mar Charter School R-P
7185 O'Connor Patrick Bridgewater State Student N-S
2500 O'Connor Dan Wayland Public Schools RJ-P
9912 O'Neil Nancy Lincoln-Sudbury Schools - Retired Life-R
2155 O'Shei Emily Ditson Elementary School N-P-I
2603 O'Sullivan Sheila Canton Public Schools RJ-P
924 Oberacker Brian Johnson Middle School N-P
2736 Oehmen Michelle Stone Day School R-P-I
1112 Okhihan Osevbuohen Pioneer Charter School of Science II N-P
7043 Oliveira Nicholas Bridgewater State Student RJ-S
1337 Oliveira James Sippican Elementary School N-P
7032 Oliver Nathan Bridgewater State Student N-S
7178 Olson Gannon Springfield College Student R-S
7429 Ordine Luigi Springfield College Student N-S
2748 Orsini Susan Longsjo Middle School R-P
7111 Osorio Brysa Bridgewater State Student R-S
2763 Ottaviani Krysta Framingham High School N-P
2188 Pabon Angel Lawrence High School R-P
1543 Pacheco Theresa Westport Elementary School R-P
1319 Page Wayne Hudson High School R-P
7147 Palumbo Nicholas Westfield State Student N-S
7422 Pantano Danielle Springfield College Student R-S
2314 Pantuosco-Hensch Lynn Westfield State University R-P
1893 Papachristos Sofia Newton South High School N-P
2410 Paquin Kate Gibbons Middle School R-P*
1413 Paradis Dawnmarie Haverhill High School RJ-P
1539 Parker John Hopkinton Middle School R-P
7312 Parker Daniel Bridgewater State Student N-S
1989 Parrish Elizabeth Kearsarge Regional Middle School N-P
2742 Parseghian Scott Wayland Public Schools R-P
2996 Pastyrnak John Cambridge Public Schools R-P
1577 Patey Matthew Bridgewater State Univesity N-P
1814 Paul Brad Potter Road Elementary School RJ-P
2689 Pavao Paul Dartmouth Public Schools RJ-P
1741 Pavoni Julie Chicopee High School R-P-I
2195 Pepin Courtney Franklin Public Schools R-P-I
7376 Pereira Justin Bridgewater State Student R-S
7362 Perez Logan Bridgewater State Student N-S
7394 Perez Guzman Joel Westfield State Student R-S
2509 Perrone Michelle Lynnfield High School R-P
1990 Perry Chris Plymouth North High School R-P
12 Perry-Kaplan Karen Schofield Elementary R-P-I
1077 Peterson Kerry Rising Tide Charter School RJ-P
2482 Peterson George Burlington Public Schools R-P
2392 Phelan Lynn Auburn High School R-P
1378 Phenix Christopher Burkland Elementary School RJ-P
2183 Phillips Meagan Cushman Elementary School RJ-P
1943 Pierce Corey Ditson School RJ-P-I
1898 Pierce Amanda Everett Public Schools N-P
2681 Pikor Michelle Edgartown School R-P
9946 Pinkham Kathy Needham Public Schools - Retired Life-R
1348 Pinto Deb Hopkinton Middle School R-P*
7058 Pires Colby Westfield State Student N-S
7067 Pires Jacob Bridgewater State Student N-S
7377 Pisani Ava Springfield College Student N-S
2067 Place Stacey Hopkinton Middle School RJ-P
7428 Plant Kyle Bridgewater State Student N-S
2684 Poliseno Christopher Durfee High School R-P-I
987 Polisher Jared Durfee High School RJ-P-I
2013 Ponte Stephanie Greene Elementary School R-P-I
9925 Porter Tony Lexington High School - Retired Life-R
7307 Porter Scott Westfield State Student R-S
1271 Powers Shawn Curtis Middle School RJ-P
1414 Powers Dana Plymouth Community Intermediate School RJ-P
1993 Powers Tim Kuss Middle School R-P-I
1128 Pratt Gregory Auburn High School R-P
7284 Prevett Andrew Bridgewater State Student N-S
2220 Price Marcus Barbieri Elementary School N-P
2975 Protz Kelly Plymouth Public Schools R-P
1307 Pruslin Stewart St. Benedict Classical Academy R-P
1689 Przygoda Kari Billerica Public Schools RJ-P-I
9960 Psimopoulos Constantine TH Chan School of Public Health R-P
1957 Pukaite Alexis Lunenburg Public Schools RJ-P
2888 Puntiri Ryan Braintree Public Schools R-P-I
2690 Purdy Aphrodite Mashpee Public Schools N-P
1995 Quinlan Matthew Hood School R-P
1665 Quinn Courtney Byam Elementary School R-P
2900 Quinn Brian Farley Elementary School R-P
978 Rabidou Devan Lincoln-Sudbury High School N-P-I
2586 Raczelowski Alesia Shrewsbury Public Schools RJ-P-I
2623 Raduzycki Nicholas SEEM Collaborative N-P
2206 Rakovic Greg Franklin Public Schools R-P-I
2210 Ramos Samantha Ells Elementary School RJ-P
2323 Ramsay Paul SEEM Middle School R-P
1977 Ranieri Maura Braintree High School R-P-I
2277 Raudonaitis Kathleen Pulaski Elementary School N-P
9951 Rausch Bob Westfield State University R-P
1393 Rebelo Neil Wyman Elementary School R-P
9023 Redmond Patricia Braintree High School - Retired R-R
9029 Regan Megaera
1144 Reis Phil Durfee High School N-P-I
2808 Reynolds Nicole JGW Middle School RJ-P
7402 Ribeiro Aryanah-Dahnae Bridgewater State Student R-S
2431 Rich Kelly Nichols Middle School R-P
207 Richardson Karen Bridgewater State University R-P
7424 Richter Alexa Westfield State Student R-S
2417 Riel Derek Taft Early Learning Center RJ-P
9950 Riley Bill Attleboro Schools - Retired Life-R
1346 Ritz Robert Braintree HIgh School R-P-I
1877 Roberts Jenna McKay Elementary School R-P
1213 Roberts Ellie West Bridgewater Public Schools N-P
7057 Robitaille Matthew Westfield State Student N-S
1212 Rodrigues Alyssa Somerset Middle School N-P
2166 Rodrigues Grace Friends Academy N-P
1578 Roman Anthony Donald McKay School RJ-P
1357 Romanko Gregory Elmwood Elementary School RJ-P
1093 Romeo Nicholas Pioneer Charter School of Science N-P
981 Rookard Jaleisa Memorial Spaulding School N-P-I
2423 Rosenthal Maura Bridgewater State Univesity RJ-P
2728 Rota Dave Lincoln-Elliot Elementary School R-P-I
435 Rotatori Alan Newton South High School R-P
2824 Roy Meaghan Longmeadow High School N-P
9927 Rugen Marjorie
1087 Ruo Matthw Durfee High School R-P-I
2363 Rurak Katie Doherty Middle School R-P-I
9955 Ruseckas Donna Andover Public Schools Life-R
7034 Rushinski Mikayah Springfield College Student N-S
2388 Ryder Beth Marathon Elementary School RJ-P
2185 Sacco Debra Bellingham High School R-P
7439 Sacramona Paul Bridgewater State Student N-S
1166 Salado Rafael Alma Del Mar Charter School N-P
2232 Salley Celeste Stacy Middle School R-P*
561 Salois Sheila Andover High School R-P-I
1966 Salvesen Jackie Andover High School R-P-I
9938 Samaria Richard Wellington School Life-R
1061 Sanders Emma Old Rochester Regional School District RJ-P
1012 Santos Kristen Hopkinton Middle School R-P
1220 Saquet Ashley Campbell Elementary School N-P
2438 Sartre Kelly Braintree High School R-P-I
1838 Sasser Mel Chicopee High School R-P-I
1770 Sauro Laura Case Junior High School R-P
1238 Savage Kristi Somerville Public Schools RJ-P-I
1231 Scalzo Thomas Deerfield Elementary School N-P
911 Scatamacchia Michael Haverhill Public Schools RJ-P
7042 Scheppele Sue Springfield College Student R-S
920 Schiffman Jamie Plymouth Public Schools N-P
1939 Schlegel Terry Wachusett Regional Schools RJ-P
1344 Schueler Benjamin Chicopee Public Schools N-P
2849 Scott David Plymouth North High School RJ-P
1197 Scott Sue Deerfield Elementary School N-P
1240 Senecal Benjamin Somerville Public Schools RJ-P-I
2927 Serino Dean Stoneham Public Schools RJ-P
2668 Serriello Patricia Plymouth Public Schools R-P
7477 Seyfert Marissa Springfield College Student N-S
1994 Sgroi David Kennedy Elementary School N-P-I
1479 Shanks Emily Douglas Middle School RJ-P
2622 Sharon Eric Stony Hill Elementary School N-P
1064 Sharpe Michele Fall River Schools R-P-I
2077 Sheehan Eamonn Lexington Public Schools RJ-P
829 Sheehy Deborah Bridgewater State University R-P
1044 Shepard William Silvia Elementary School R-P-I
989 Sheppard Jessie Burlington Public Schools N-P
919 Sheridan Chris Plymouth Public Schools N-P
1024 Sherman Ilana Erika's Lighthouse N-P
2696 Shield Molly Mashpee Public Schools N-P
1201 Shields Susan Lincoln-Sudbury High School RJ-P-I
2486 Sideman Josh Lexington Public Schools RJ-P
1653 Signoroni Phil Pioneer Charter School R-P
9906 Silbor Jr. Hurley Blackstone-Millville Reg Life-R
565 Silva Cathy East Fairhaven School RJ-P
2939 Simas Nicole Dartmouth High School R-P
2613 Simes Katie Chelmsford Public Schools R-P
1976 Simon Mara Springfield College RJ-P
7027 Simpsen Jalen Fitchburg State Student N-S
1126 Sintros Erin Hildreth Elementary RJ-P
1473 Slater Jen Haverhill High School RJ-P
7480 Slater Emily Westfield State Student R-S
7056 Slattery Devin Westfield State Student N-S
1439 Slattery David Lowell Public Schools N-P
1322 Smith Kristin Franklin Public Schools R-P-I
9965 Smith Kerri Newman Elementary School R-P
1730 Smith Molly Chestnut Talented & Gifted School RJ-P
9919 Smith Johanne
9944 Smith Marge Past President MAHPERD Life-R
9947 Smith Diane Past President Life-R
2783 Smith Kristen Newton North High School R-P-I
1410 Sollows Kim Barnstable Intermediate School R-P
9942 Somensini Rose Past President 1992 Life-R
2664 Sorensen Jenna Plymouth Public Schools R-P
7033 Sousa Matthew Westfield State Student R-S
1494 Souza Kyle Resiliency Preparatory Academy R-P-I
2630 Souza Leonildo Viveiros Elementary School N-P-I
2807 Spaulding Kaileen Braintree High School R-P-I
7319 Spear Stephanie Bridgewater State Student N-S
1090 Spicola Christina Durfee High School R-P-I
1180 Spinelli Jennilee King Philip Middle School N-P
1598 St Germain Andrew Clinton Middle School N-P
2626 St Jean Matthew Ford Middle School N-P
9956 St Laurent Patricia Springfield Public Schools R-P
2896 Staples Eric Forest Park Middle School RJ-P
2327 Starling Ariana Cambridge Public Schools R-P
2083 Steed Angela The Bromfield School R-P
1645 Stephens Jeff Bancroft Elementary School R-P-I
1952 Stevens Nick Medfield Public Schools R-P-I
661 Stinson Laura Woburn Street School R-P
1257 Stoddard Wendy Pembroke Middle School R-P
1178 Sudak Mike Shawsheen Elementary School RJ-P
1616 Sullivan William Paxton Center School R-P
2044 Sullivan Brenda Fowler School R-P*
1594 Sullivan Michelle Center School N-P
1600 Sullivan Brian Billerica Public Schools N-P-I
2063 Sullivan Michael Parker Middle School N-P
2393 Sweet Danielle AMSA Charter School RJ-P
851 Swett-Zizzo Sara Stoneham High School RJ-P
2513 Swett-Zizzo Kerri Stratton Elementary School RJ-P
7025 Ta Viet Bridgewater State Student N-S
1342 Tatro Robert Sunita Williams Elementary School R-P-I
1043 Tavares Hayden Dufee High School R-P-I
1493 Tavares Tyler Fonseca Elementary School R-P-I
1972 Taylor Tina Amherst Regional Middle School R-P
9949 Taylor Karin Boston Schools - Retired Life-R
2556 Taylor Jenifer Barnstable Intermediate School R-P
7020 Taylor Emily Springfield College Student R-S
2104 Teevens Stacie Wachusett Regional School District N-P
2710 Teixeira Amy Westport Middle/High School RJ-P
2543 Terrell Ryan Leominster Public Schools N-P
7026 Tessa Ted Bridgewater State Student N-S
2059 Thibeault Kristen Medfield High School R-P-I
9921 Thornburg Mary Lou Bridgewater State College Life-R
9008 Tobey Kathy Auburn High School - Retired R-R
7337 Tobin Brenna Bridgewater State Student R-S
1583 Tocci John Plymouth North High School R-P
9936 Tolken Joyce Bridgewater State University Life-R
1757 Tonry-Beaulac Tammy Crocker Elementary School R-P
9004 Toohey Sue Braintree Public Schools - Retired R-R
1861 Torres Maeve Nettle Middle School RJ-P
7445 Travaglino Ella Springfield College Student N-S
2201 Tullson Colin Joseph Case High School RJ-P
2751 Tyler Elizabeth Gill-Montague School R-P
1925 Tyson Adam Falmouth Public Schools RJ-P
2652 Untermyer Ava Somerville Public Schools N-P-I
1602 Upchurch Brittni Amherst Regional High School R-P
1336 Uyenoyama Carlyn Brookline Public Schools R-P
1558 Vaccaro Brian Assawompset Elementary School R-P
1460 Vachon-Andreozzi Mallery Quest Montessori School R-P
1879 Vail Sarah Edgartown School N-P
1852 Vallett Lori Somerset Public Schools RJ-P
1488 Varao Craig Letourneau Elementary School R-P-I
2641 Varao Jacqueline Durfee High School N-P-i
1656 Vazquez Benjamin Longsjo Middle School R-P
2171 Venini Kelly Mary Goode Elementary School RJ-P
2319 Veno Christina Newton Public Schools RJ-P-I
1170 Verelst Sneha Fitchburg High School R-P
7302 Verna Sophia Westfield State Student R-S
1302 Viele Nicole Somerville Public Schools N-P-I
916 Vigneau Theresa Plymouth Community Intermediate School N-P
1501 Vigue Noel Wilson Middle School R-P-I
1309 Vincequere Rachel Francis Kane Elementary R-P*
2813 Vinci Robin Golden Hill School RJ-P
7195 Vinton Rachel Springfield College Student RJ-S
2072 Visco Kim Arlington Public Schools R-P*
2340 Vittum Chip Monument Valley Middle School R-P
2404 Vittum Richard Waltham Public Schools N-P
1287 von Trapp Sharyn Somerville Public Schools RJ-P-I
2131 Voros Daniel East Middle School N-P-I
1265 Vriesema Jonathan Worcester Public Schools R-P
2645 Walker Steven Somerville Public Schools N-P-i
2264 Walsh Kristen Wellesley Public Schools RJ-P-I
2274 Walsh Tim Needham Public Schools RJ-P-I
2944 Walsh Michael Houghton Elementary School R-P
7122 Walsh Tom Bridgewater State Student RJ-S
1534 Ward Evan Plymouth North High School R-P
2981 Ward Jennifer Bournedale Elementary School RJ-P
2625 Ward-Schack Maggie Hamilton Wenham Regional Schools N-P
1258 Wassell Nicole Springfield College R-P
1066 Watelet Debbie Law School RJ-R
2163 Waters William Parker School N-P-I
1740 Watson Brenna Wilson Middle School R-P-I
2002 Weche Valerie B&G Club - Metro South N-P
1397 Weed Carolyn Hudson High School RJ-P
2504 Weeks Sheri Lynnfield Middle School RJ-P
1339 Weiss Elizabeth LD Batchelder Elementary School R-P
1253 Weldon Kevin Bryantville Elementary RJ-P
2577 Wells Julie South Elementary School RJ-P
7153 Werra Katie Bridgewater State Student R-S
2983 Wesley Courtney Lincoln Public Schools R-P
2073 Westgate Emily New Bedford Public Schools N-P
1275 Whidden Chris Plymouth North High School RJ-P
1037 White Brian Wire Village School RJ-P
2224 White Corey Amherst Middle School N-P
2621 Whitelaw Graham Burkland Elementary School N-P
2204 Whitelaw Robert Quabbin Regional High School N-P
2845 Whitman Mark Lafayette School RJ-P
2447 Wilcox Stephen South Middle School R-P-I
1118 Wilde Dan Mayo Elementary School RJ-P
1485 Williams-Tinkham Julie Barnstable Public Schools R-P
2788 Williamson Amy Walsh Middle School RJ-P
1580 Wilmoth Haverlina Memorial Middle School R-P
1912 Wilson David Dudley Elementary School N-P
2271 Woeller Allison Hopkinton High School N-S
2713 Woldemariam Selam Somerville Public Schools N-P-i
2663 Wolfendale Ralph Haverhill Public Schools RJ-P
1351 Wong Nicholas Franklin/Rice Elementary Schools RJ-P-I
1749 Wood Randall Green Meadow School RJ-P
902 Wood Cale Hunking School N-P
1028 Woods Thomas Blake Middle School R-P-I
1421 Woodward Sarah Ralph C. Mahar Regional School R-P
1279 Woodworth Evan Hildreth Elementary School RJ-P
1563 Worcester Aimee Norwood Public Schools RJ-P
2107 Wroblewski Elizabeth Braintree Public Schools N-P-I
7262 Yeargin Patrick Bridgewater State Student R-S
1894 Yelle Wendy Barnstable Elementary School RJ-P
1449 Yeomans Heather Curtis Middle School R-P
1701 Young Stacey Goode Elementary School RJ-P
2720 Young Matt Somerville Public Schools N-P-I
2778 Zacchilli Peter Ashland Middle School RJ-P
7567 Zalegowski Cole Springfield College Student N-S
1513 Zanella Eugene Fuller Middle School RJ-P
2673 Ziomek Kelly RC Mahar Regional High School R-P