7th Annual MAHPERD Leadership Conference

This conference is for Dept Heads, Directors, & Head Teachers

Thursday, April 29, 2021

8:00-9:00 am PE Assessments Pre & Post Covid
9:30-10:30 am Developing Staff Cohesiveness and Evaluations
10:45-11:45 am Students and Anti-Racism

MAHPERD Leadership Conference
Thursday, April 29, 2021
Keynote Speakers


PE/HE Leaders Dialogue about Assessment Challenges

The session will begin with a brief overview of physical literacy and using selective National Standards and Grade Level Outcomes. The second half of the session will include a facilitated Q & A and discussions generated by the participants.

Presenter: Dr. Ann Marie Gallo, Professor, PETE Coordinator Salem State University
Dr. Ann Marie Gallo is a Professor and the P.E.T.E. Coordinator at Salem State University. Her research area is assessment in physical education; helping physical educators use practical assessment instruments and techniques in their classes. She serves as the chair of the Council of Future Professionals on the MAHPERD Executive Board, and the 2019 recipient of the MAHPERD Joseph McKenney Award. Ann Marie is the founder and camp director of Summer’s Edge Day Camp and Tennis School in Lexington.


Building A Cohesive Staff 
Are you challenged by your staff and their willingness to work together? Is it difficult to bring your staff to a point where they all agree (or agree to disagree)? Do you ever feel that your staff doesn’t listen to each other or you? Are there lessons or activities taught that may not be in the best interest of the students? Are you, as the leader of the program, concerned with how your staff works together as a grade-level team or as a K-12 staff? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this presentation is for you. Participants in this interactive workshop will explore answers to these questions and address other types of concerns that leaders encounter. This workshop will focus on how to effectively deal with many issues that need to be managed. If your goal is to have a successful program that places the students’ growth and education in the center of your program, then you need to build a cohesive staff that works together toward that vision.
Presenter:  Ann Marie Colebrook retired from Glastonbury Public Schools as the Health and Physical Education Director, K-12  Ann Marie Colebrook retired from Glastonbury Public Schools as the Health and Physical Education Director, K-12 June 30, 2020. She taught Health and Physical Education in various districts throughout Connecticut prior to her role as an administrator. Service: Connecticut Association for Health, Physical Education Recreation, and Dance (CTAHPERD) treasurer, Past President, and VP Health; SHAPE Eastern District Council for Convention Representative; Connecticut Association of Administrators for Health and Physical Education (CAAHPE) Past President, Glastonbury Public Schools Title IX & IV Compliance Officer, PBIS District Team Leader, Chairperson Wellness Advisory Council; professional development presenter at district, state, and national levels. Education: BS in Health and Physical Education at Central Connecticut State University, MS in Exercise Physiology at the University of Connecticut, 6th Year in Supervision and Administration at Southern Connecticut State University. Membership: CTAHPERD, CAAHPE, SHAPE America, American School Health Association, ASCD.


Creating an inclusive environment and being actively anti-racist
In this seminar, participants will reflect on their own bias to the end of learning how to create an environment for their teams that are inclusive and create a sense of belonging. Participants will learn strategies that will enable them to lead teams to be actively anti-racist with appropriate language by understanding key processes concerning the socialization of identities.

Presenter: Jackie Katz, History Teacher,  Wellesley High School

Jackie received her Bachelor's from Trinity College and her MAT from Tufts University, and has been a history teacher for the past 15 years at Wellesley High School after starting her career at Newton North High School where she taught for one year.  She has been teaching professional development seminars for the past 10 years both within Wellesley Public Schools and throughout Massachusetts.  
When interviewed by NPR in 2018 for a an article on Why Schools Fail To Teach Slavery's 'Hard History', Jackie has stated:"When you bring up racism, kids start getting really defensive, thinking that they're to blame," says Katz. "To feel comfortable, you need to have a really good classroom climate, where students feel that they're not being blamed for what happened in the American past, where they don't feel shame about it. It is 100 percent not their fault that there is racism in this country. It will be their fault if they don't do anything about it in the next 20 years."

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