Fall Conference Registration List

Below is the Registration List for the Fall Conference held on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

If your name is not on this list we did not receive your registration. If you are using a purchase order please check with your school to determine if it was mailed or faxed.

If you registered online make sure that you filled out the payment portion of the membership/registration to complete the process.

If you registered and your name is not on the list, contact
Bill Riley.

This list is updated daily, notice the date stamp to indicate the updated registration list.

Updated October 22, 2021

Mem# First Name Last Name School Business School Town
2205 Alysha Arnold Franklin High School Franklin
7366 Dylan Arruda Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7285 James Baldi Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1832 Chris Banks Kennedy Elementary School Franklin
9033 Christine Basile Elmwood School - Retired Hopkinton
7379 Rick Beidleman Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1194 Cherry Bennett Holten-Richmond Middle School Danvers
2757 Melonie Bennett Braintree Public Schools Braintree
2214 Ella Bodnar Rodriguez The Learning Community Central Falls, RI
2793 Matthew Bonenfant Gateway Regional Schools Huntington
2422 Joe Brancaleone Maynard High School Maynard
1485 Keith Burgoyne Wildwood Elementary School Amherst
7382 Alex Cabral Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2456 Brian Caffelle East Middle School Braintree
2231 Kara Carney East Middle School Braintree
2234 Kris Carter Jefferson Elementary School Franklin
7381 Wadline Casimir-Edouard Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1331 William Chan Conant Elementary School Acton
7247 Justin Chauvin Westfield State Student Westfield
1863 Thomas Chiappone Memorial Middle School Bellingham
2187 Amanda Christopoulos Remington Middle School Franklin
2374 Suzanne Clasby Hanover Public Schools Hanover
7388 Lucy Colarusso
Springfield College Student
7367 Matt Comeau Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2557 Anthony Comeiro Chelsea Public Schools Chelsea
2237 Miriam Connolly Franklin High School Franklin
2287 Mary Connolly Cambridge College Cambridge
2223 Greg Conroy Parmenter Elementary School Franklin
7134 Bogdan Cormos Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1661 Carlos Costa Bellingham High School Bellingham
7108 Jennifer Couture Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1483 Emmanuel Crespo George Kelly Elementary Chelsea
7374 David Cropley Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1835 Trisha Cullen Sutton Middle School Sutton
2759 Connie D'Amato ECC / Bates / HML Salem
7053 Jillian Dasilva Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1801 David Deremian Charlton Middle School Charlton
2682 Aziz Derori Chelsea Public Schools Chelsea
7343 Sophie Dobosz Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7017 Courtney Dodge Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2076 Nicole Douglass Winnacunnet High School Hampton, NH
2747 Amy Drake Chelsea Public Schools Chelsea
2612 Kyle Duguay Remington Middle School Franklin
7340 Luc Durand Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2377 Rich Ellis Braintree Public Schools Braintree
1469 Joan Evans Memorial Middle School Bellingham
2184 Robert Evans Bellingham High School Bellingham
1675 Fernando Ferreira Proctor Elementary School Northboro
7389 Patrick Flaherty Westfield State Student Westfield
2251 Elise Fontes Liberty Elementary School Braintree
1540 Chris Fraser Chickering School Dover
2572 Ted Freeley Clark Ave School Chelsea
1281 Matthew Freeman South Middle School Braintree
2241 Nick Goldman Horace Mann Middle School Franklin
1724 Katie Goldring Heath Elementary School Brookline
7012 Michael Henri Bridgewater State Student Bridgeewater
1081 Jill Herwig Garfield Middle School Revere
2236 Michelle Hess Franklin High School Franklin
7338 Matthew Hooton Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2951 Michelle Ireland Hanover Middle School Hanover
2772 Judah Jackson Chelsea High School Chelsea
1825 Ken Jacque Amherst Reg. High School Amherst
2181 Dustin James Amherst/Pelham Regional Amherst
2280 James Kane Bowman Elementary School Lexington
1520 Lisa Katilus Hollis Elementary School Braintree
2353 Kaileigh Keizer Fort River Elementary Amherst
7141 John Kelleher Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7474 Ryan Kelly Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7350 John Kendall Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7120 Katrina Keough Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7287 Abbey Kingman Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7383 Matt Koczera Springfield College Student Springfield
2758 Bernard LaFerriere Ross School Braintree
2717 Rachel LaFlash Braintree Public Schools Braintree
630 Terry Langton Hanover Public Schools Hanover
1980 Danielle LaRocque Holten Richmond Middle School Danvers
2475 Christina Leader East Middle School Braintree
2884 Kevin Leahy Flaherty School Braintree
2805 Ashley LeBlanc Wachusett Regional School District Holden
7344 Ja'Ca Long Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7355 Joshua MacDonald Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7390 Kayla Madden Springfield College Student Springfield
7254 Andrew Maitoza Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2771 Titus Manderson Chelsea High School Chelsea
7357 Krista Marquez Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1130 Mike Mason Gateway Reg High School Huntington
1188 Stephanie Mason DuBois Middle School Great Barrington
2235 Michael Masto Franklin High School Franklin
2507 Haley McAuliffe Braintree High School Braintree
2245 Matthew McLaughlin Franklin High School Franklin
1432 Lori Medeiros Duval Elementary School Whitman
1531 Melissa Megnia Braintree High School Braintree
9937 Maria Melchionda MAHPERD Executive Director
2207 Jeffrey Melo Oak Street Elementary School Franklin
7181 Anna Minnock
Bridgewater State Student
9959 Michelle Moosbrugger Springfield College Springfield
1858 Morgan Moreau DiPietro School Bellingham
2512 Connor Moroney Callahan Elementary School Norwood
2352 Emily Morris Annie Sullivan Middle School Franklin
7336 Michael Morrissey Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7276 Nicholas Morse Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2453 Kaitlyn Moss PE Bowe Elementary School Chicopee
9028 Linda Murgo Mastricola Elementary School - Retired Merrimack, NH
7384 Summer Murray Springfield College Student Springfield
2714 Phil Nackley North Reading High School North Reading
2598 Bill Nash Highland Elementary School Braintree
7354 Tre Netto Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7190 Derek Nguyen Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7207 Michael Nocera Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2208 Jim Nordberg Keller Elementary School Franklin
7365 Juliana Norling Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7002 Ava Novakoski Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2741 Bill O'Connell Braintree High School Braintree
7387 Claire O'Shaughnessy Springfield College Student Springfield
1736 Jose Ortega John D. O'Bryant School Boston
7111 Brysa Osorio Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7385 Jack Pavelchak Springfield College Student Springfield
2195 Courtney Pepin Keller Elementary School Franklin
7376 Justin Pereira Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7394 Joel Perez Guzman Westfield State Student Westfield
2509 Michelle Perrone Lynnfield High School Lynnfield
7372 Devin Proulx Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2888 Ryan Puntiri East Middle School Braintree
1995 Matthew Quinlan Hood School North Reading
2206 Greg Rakovic Annie Sullivan Middle School Franklin
7479 Jacob Ramos Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2323 Paul Ramsay SEEM Middle School Stoneham
7375 Emma Rand Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1977 Maura Ranieri Braintree High School Braintree
1018 Karen Rapchuck Morrison Elementary School Braintree
2930 Hannah Reagan Silver Lake Regional Middle School Kingston
1821 Lindsay Rescott Bresnahan School Newburyport
2636 Gena Restiano Chelsea High School Chelsea
9950 Bill Riley Attleboro Schools - Retired Attleboro
1346 Robert Ritz Braintree HIgh School Braintree
2216 Stefanie Rothschild Stall Brook School Bellingham
7341 Peyton Ryan Springfield College Student Springfield
2185 Debra Sacco Bellingham High School Bellingham
2438 Kelly Sartre Braintree High School Braintree
2463 Brian Scata William Berkowitz School Chelsea
2248 Sheila Schamber Horace Mann Middle School Franklin
2767 Jay Seigal Chelsea High School Chelsea
2407 June Sherburne ELC Chelsea
1322 Kristin Smith Franklin High School Franklin
1492 Kerri Smith Newman Elementary School Needham
2807 Kaileen Spaulding Braintree High School Braintree
1264 Michael Stellato Chelsea Public Schools Chelsea
2708 Kathryn Stewart Frank Sokolski Chelsea
1972 Tina Taylor Amherst Middle School Amherst
7337 Brenna Tobin Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1883 Matthew Travis Amherst Regional High School Amherst
1420 Heather Tunnicliffe Lexington Public Schools Lexington
1602 Brittni Upchurch Amherst Regional High School Amherst
2852 Matt Valli Bresnahan School Newburyport
2340 Chip Vittum Monument Valley Middle School Great Barrington
2544 Tara Wasserstein Chelsea Public Schools Chelsea
7153 Katie Werra Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1158 Caitlinn Whalen East Middle School Braintree
2447 Stephen Wilcox South Middle School Braintree
4006 Ariana Wilson The Learning Community Charter School Central Falls
1421 Sarah Woodward Ralph C. Mahar Regional School Orange
1563 Aimee Worcester Norwood Public Schools Norwood
7262 Patrick Yeargin Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater