Employment Opportunties

Cambridge Public Schools

Please consider applying to open positions in the Health and Wellness Department of Cambridge Public Schools. Join a supportive team of educators. 

  • Health/PE Teacher, PAUS PS# 5635

  • Lead Teacher Physical Education, Health/PE Dept PS# 1624

  • Health/PE Teacher, HSEP PS# 5104


If you have questions or wish to learn more about The Health and Wellness Department at Cambridge Public Schools reach out to:

 Jamie McCarthy Director of Health, Wellness and Physical Education Dept  


Arlington Public Schools

There are two job openings in Arlington for Physical Education. 

The first one is FT at the Dallin K-5.

The next one is .5 at the Bishop School k-5.

Brookline Public Schools

K-8 Physical Education/Health/Wellness
For application and more information

Physical Education/Health/Wellness Educator 9-12
For application and more information

Camp Shriver at the University of Massachusetts Boston

is looking for a Gym Activities Coach for our summer 2021 program. Camp will be held on the UMass Mt. Ida campus in Newton and camp runs July 6 - July 30th, 8:30 - 2:30 with orientation Monday June 28 and June 29th. Stipend range is $20-25.00 per hour based on experience. All staff and campers get breakfast, snacks and lunch provided by UMass dining services.

Since 2006, Camp Shriver at the University of Massachusetts Boston has welcomed more than 1500 children, half with and half without intellectual and developmental disabilities, ages 8-12, from low-income families in the Boston area to a free inclusive summer sports camp.

Camp Shriver is designed to enroll an equal number of children with and without disabilities. That is what makes Camp Shriver at UMass Boston unique. Camp Shriver serves an equal number of children with and without disabilities so that all children can play, learn and interact in meaningful ways with their peers—no matter what their disability status.

Please see the link for more information. 


Download the staff application and a recently published article.

If you are interested please reach out to me.

Cell Phone: 617-224-7005

Email: mark.spolidoro@umb.edu

Thank you 

Mark Spolidoro

Medfield Public Schools

Medfield Public Schools are looking for a Wellness Department Chair for Grades K-12 beginning 2021-2022 school year. Apply on School Spring!

Questions about the position? Email Susan Cowell at scowell@email.medfield.net

Easton Public Schools

Easton Public Schools is looking for a health teacher with dual certification.  Richardson-Olmsted School (grade 3-5). This position is full time and starts September 2021. Go to school spring for more details.  

Needham High School

High School Wellness Position open. 

Swampscott High School

Swampscott High School is looking to hire a full-time Health Education Teacher starting this fall 2021. Go on the School Spring website for details!