Call for Presenters

MAHPERD 2021 Convention MOVED to March 2022 at Springfield College. This will be a 2 day convention and the final dates wil be posted soon!

Call for Proposals deadline is December 1, 2021

**This conference will be planned as an “in person” convention.

MAHPERD invites you to submit a proposal to present one or more program sessions at our 2022 Annual State Convention. All those submitting proposals to present will be contacted with notification of selection by February 1, 2022.

Late proposals may be submitted, but will be accepted on an “as needed” basis only. Presenters must be current members and must register as a conference participant.

***MAHPERD is not responsible for handouts. Handouts will not be placed on the website as per MAHPERD policy.

All handouts are the responsibility of the presenter.

Please: Be sure to note MAHPERD Policies on membership and Convention registration (see below) Thank you.


MAHPERD Policy on Membership and Convention Registration for PRESENTERS

Due to the expenses involved in a non-profit organization event of this magnitude, similar to our National and Regional organizations, MAHPERD Policy requires that ALL in attendance at the annual Convention, including Speakers/Presenters, must be paid 2021-2022 MAHPERD members and also pay the Convention Registration fees EXCEPT if:

1. (Membership) Presenters certify that they are either:

(a) paid current members of other related HPERD professional organizations with which MAHPERD has reciprocity (includes other STATE HPERD associations, such as New Hampshire, Maine etc, but NOT Shape America)


(b) are employed exclusively in the fields that are NOT part of the HPERD professions (doctors, police, education department personnel, etc.)

2. (Registration) Presenters who are Non-MAHPERD members, employed outside the HPERD professions, are asked to register for the Convention IF they plan to attend other sessions/programs, but will be exempted upon advanced request IF they will be in attendance only to make their own presentation.

ALL MAHPERD Members must register for entry to the Convention.

Submission of Proposals signifies acceptance of policies above.

All Presenter Proposals must be sumitted online.