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MAHPERD Athletic Series Workshop

The Athletics Division is putting on a 5 session series for 5 PDPs. All sessions are 1 hour long and start at 7:00pm. The dates for the sessions are: April 27, 29 May 4, 6, and 11


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Professional: $29.00
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Presentation #1       
April 27th 7:00pm

  • Title: Rugby in a Bag
  • Description: The rugby in a bag program will be introduced.
  • Presenters: Dominic Gostick, Tom Kindley-Performance Managers at New England Freejacks, Ryan Martin - Head Coach for New England Freejacks

Presentation #2
April 29th 7:00pm

  • Title: Pathways to Athletic Success: Implementing Long-term Athletic Development Frameworks 
  • Description: Coaches and Athletic Administrators are invited to learn more about athletic development pathways and best practices for long-term athletic success. Attendees will learn how to establish more comprehensive, athlete-centered programs, which align with national standards (by sport). Discussion will address key ingredients for athletic success and sport specific applications. Evidence based strategies will be provided which can be readily used by athletes, coaches, and administrators.
  • Presenter: Dr. Lynn Pantuosco-Hensch

Dr. Lynn Pantuosco-Hensch is an Associate Professor at Westfield State University in the department of Movement Science. She is also a youth sports administrator and licensed soccer coach. Her research is on Long-Term Athletic Development. To learn more:


Presentation #3                      
May 4th 7:00pm

  • Title: ACL Injury Prevention in Sports
  • Description: Discussion on how coaches can recognize pre-existing factors for a potential ACL injury. How coaches can utilize various exercises to help prevent ACL injuries in their athletes. Focusing on jumping/landing mechanics, deceleration, and strengthening.
  • Presenter: Cheryl Lee ATC. 

Cheryl Lee Scecina, M.Ed., LAT, ATC has been a certified athletic trainer for the past 19 years. Head Athletic Trainer at Westfield State University (NCAA Div. 3) for the past 14 years. She worked 5 years as a certified athletic trainer at American International College (NCAA Div. 2 with Div. 1 Men’s Ice Hockey). Received her undergraduate and graduate degree from Springfield College in 2002 and 2011.


Presentation #4                       
May 6th 7:00pm

  • Title:  Top Tips for Unified Strength & Conditioning
  • Description: This presentation will review Coach Adams’ process for transitioning to a unified strength program in 2018, and how this helped to create a thriving strength & conditioning program at Quabbin Regional Middle High School. Coach Adams will share his top tips for developing a unified strength & conditioning program, creating culture, incorporating speed training, & getting buy-in from students of all abilities.
  • Presenter: Nick Adams. 

Nick Adams is a physical education teacher and strength & conditioning coach at Quabbin Regional High School in Barre, MA.  In 2020, he was recognized as the Massachusetts Coach of the Year by the National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA). Nick has helped create a thriving after-school strength and conditioning program available to all students. Nick is a former intern of world-renowned coach Eric Cressey and is currently serving on the Advisory Board for the NHSSCA. Social Media: @Coach___Adams


Presentation #5             
May 11th  7:00pm

  • Title: Understanding Eating Disorders: The First Step of Prevention and Treatment
  • Description:  Research indicates athletes are at increased risk for eating disorders compared with the general public. These disorders exhibit a wide range of serious consequences in both sport and life. Early identification and timely intervention are essential yet are often delayed in athletes for many reasons, including low awareness of perceived risk inside sport culture. Untreated eating disorder symptoms have significant health, performance, and cost implications. Although awareness of the problem is growing and the serious consequences to physical and metabolic health, mental health, and performance in sport are well documented, further education and prevention methods are needed to effectively engage and treat athletes with eating disorders. This presentation aims to introduce the science and methods regarding how to identify, understand, prevent and treat eating disorders with the hopes we can build a better future for our athletes.
  • Presenter: Matt Stranberg 

Matt Stranberg is a licensed registered dietitian nutritionist, board certified specialist in sports nutrition and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Before starting his own consulting practice, Matt devoted the early part of his career to refining the art and science of training elite collegiate and professional athletes. In graduate school, he developed expertise in nutrition, behavior change and eating disorders. After his training and graduate programs, he cofounded numerous initiatives at Walden Behavioral Care, including the Walden GOALS program and numerous consultation services designed to assist athletes struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating and problematic physical activity. As a renowned consultant, Matt is known for his dedication to educating and empowering patients of all backgrounds to facilitate a full and meaningful recovery. Matt holds a B.S. degree in Kinesiology from the Honors College at The University of Massachusetts Amherst, a master’s degree in Applied Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Columbia University and was a dietetic intern at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. More information can be found at:


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