Massachusetts association for health, physical education, recreation and dance Inc.

2023 Convention Registration List

Below is the Registration List for the Annual MAHPERD Convention at the DCU Center on November 6 & 7, 2023.

If your name is not on this list we did not receive your registration. If you are using a purchase order please check with your school to determine if it was mailed or faxed.

If you registered online make sure that you filled out the payment portion of the membership/registration to complete the process.

This list is updated daily, notice the date stamp to indicate the updated registration list.

Registration code for convention days:

B = Both Days M = Monday only T = Tuesday only

If you have any questions please contact

Bill Riley

Updated October 1, 2023

Member # Last Name First Name School Business Con Days 2023
2329 Adams Nick Wachusett Reg High School B
904 Barnard Craig Haverhill Public Schools T
1174 Barrett Paula Richardson Middle School T
1523 Bechthold Jennifer Chestnut Hill Community School T
1320 Bell Keith Collaborative for Educational Services T
2161 Bergeron Nate Smith Vocational High School M
2154 Bixby (Centric) Sarah Amesbury High School B
2228 Bourget Bob Collaborative for Educational Services T
7038 Bowlby Hannah Bridgewater State Student M
908 Britton Jordan Haverhill High School T
1496 Brooks Lauren Derby Academy B
1312 Bucci Ryan Collaborative for Educational Services T
2464 Carr Britney Berwick Academy B
1331 Chan William Conant Elementary School M
2880 Christiansen David Sharon High School B
1138 Cipolla Anthony Richardson Middle School T
2678 Clark Tiffany Impact Prep at Chestnut B
2287 Connolly Mary Cambridge College B
2660 Curry Lori Hunking School T
1931 Cyr Carl Frontier Reg High School M
1141 D'Agostino Susan Richardson Middle School T
1709 DeAngelo John Haverhill Public Schools T
2662 Demarais Kevin Whittier Middle School T
1377 Demarais Alex Dracut High School T
9953 Demetrius Diana Mapleshade School - Retired B
1191 Denning Brett Hastings Middle School B
2143 Desroches Dennis Peabody Public Schools M
1723 Dion Tyler Collaborative for Educational Services T
1295 Dombroskas Robert Natick Public Schools B
2715 Domnarski Denise Needham Pubic Schools B
2378 Duggan Jackie Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School M
7059 Dukette Olivia Bridgewater State Student M
1902 Erhardt Jason Tantasqua Regional Senior High School B
1230 Fazio Johanna Hudson Public Schools B
2398 Fishback Susan Falmouth Public Schools M
2449 Fortuna Nicole Hollis Brookline High School B
2810 Gibson David Consentino Middle School T
7318 Goldman Ryan Bridgewater State Student B
1628 Greenberg Kenneth Campbell Elementary School T
2261 Groccia Steven Springfield College B
1215 Harding Michael Richardson Middle School T
1081 Herwig Jill Revere Public Schools B
2812 Hickey Christine Tilton School B
1644 Holt Brandon Clark-Wilkins Elementary School B
1251 Hooton Matthew Haverhill High School T
1908 Houston Jason Dracut High School T
909 Jimenez Juan Bradford Elementary School T
2353 Keizer Kaileigh Fort River Elementary B
7450 Lane Bridget Bridgewater State Student M
630 Langton Terry Hanover Public Schools T
1980 LaRocque Danielle Town of Danvers B
2088 Libby Owen AOS 93 B
1374 Lyons Tracy Collaborative for Educational Services T
2911 MacDonald Kathleen Englesby Elementary School T
905 MacDonald Eric Nettle Middle School B
1698 MacNeil Kyle Brookside Elementary School T
4000 Malay David Rundlett Middle School B
1188 Mason Stephanie DuBois Middle School B
2145 Materazzo Thomas Haggerty School M
1880 McConnell Elizabeth Moultonboro Academy B
1865 Meiners Valerie Westford Public Schools B
9937 Melchionda Maria MAHPERD Executive Director B
1851 Mercier Ronald Dracut High School T
2528 Minns Ryan Palmer High School B
9959 Moosbrugger Michelle Springfield College T
1686 Murphy Jennifer Fisher Hill School B
2240 Murphy Kevin Silver Hill Elementary School B
906 Nigro George Haverhill Public Schools T
7002 Novakoski Ava Bridgewater State Student B
2923 Nunes Nelly Hastings Middle School B
2419 Nute Priya Loring Elementary School B
7049 O'Brien Katie Bridgewater State Student B
2117 O'Connell Michael Hampshire Regional Schools B
1337 Oliveira James Sippican Elementary School B
2692 Pacheco Teresa Westport Elementary School B
1413 Paradis Dawnmarie Haverhill High School T
1713 Parziale Gary Westport Community Schools B
1530 Pascarelli Jenney Memorial Elementary School M
1480 Pestana Laura Brown Elementary School B
7017 Phair Jennifer Bridgewater State Student M
2150 Phillips Brian Pembroke High School B
7067 Pires Jacob Bridgewater State Student B
1307 Pruslin Stewart St. Benedict Classical Academy B
9951 Rausch Bob Westfield State University B
2808 Reynolds Nicole JGW Middle School T
9950 Riley Bill Attleboro Schools - Retired B
7055 Rodden Kristen Bridgewater State Student M
2166 Rodrigues Grace Friends Academy B
1061 Sanders Emma Sippican Elementary School B
1375 Shannahan Carrie Falmouth Public Schools M
565 Silva Cathy East Fairhaven School B
2939 Simas Nicole Dartmouth High School B
661 Stinson Laura Woburn Street School B
2044 Sullivan Brenda Fowler School
4000 Swedberg Matthew Moultonborough Academy B
9966 Taylor Tina Amherst Regional Middle School B
2710 Teixeira Amy Westport Middle/High School B
2122 Theriault Marc Overlook Middle School M
7031 Tighe Brandon Bridgewater State Student T
1861 Torres Maeve Nettle Middle School T
1602 Upchurch Brittni Amherst Regional High School B
1190 Valdina Kathleen Richardson Middle School T
2813 Vinci Robin Golden Hill School T
2340 Vittum Chip DuBois Middle School B
1972 Whiting Carol Dracut High School T
1485 Williams-Tinkham Julie Barnstable Public Schools B
2271 Woeller Allison Haverhill High School T
2663 Wolfendale Ralph Haverhill Public Schools T
902 Wood Cale Hunking School T
1421 Woodward Sarah Ralph C. Mahar Regional School B
1380 Woodward Kevin Rochester Memorial School B