Spring Conference 2016
Salem State University
Monday, March 28, 2016
8:00am to 3:00pm

MAHPERD 2016 Spring Conference
Presents the

"Health & PhysEd Camp!"

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Health & PhysEd Camp is a form of "unconference" designed specifically for the needs of teachers. Unlike our usual convention which has a schedule set months in advance, Edcamp has an agenda created by participants at the start of the event and invites folks to hold discussions and hands-on sessions. Over the last few years, Edcamps have popped up all over the world, creating opportunities for teachers to collaborate, be creative, and solve problems. This is MAHPERD's first ever Physed Camp!! Come and check it out!!

1. Session Pitch - Approximately 15-20 minutes to decide what session to pitch and facilitate (if you want to!)  Write your idea on one square of a white board. All sessions are pitched at this time, for session 1 and session 2.  See example below.


What is Voxer and why use it?

How to organize student data

Field Day Ideas



Standards based lessons





2.  Gallery Walk  5-10 minutes
Sessions are pitched!  All attendees walk around to check out the white boards to determine which sessions they are most interested in and place tally marks on those they really want to attend.  That helps us determine where the sessions will be held and whether they are offered in session 1 or 2.

3.  Set the Schedule  - We will begin to set the schedule while participants are doing the gallery walk.  We will check to see if it is an active or discussion based.  We will also check for those sessions that have the most interest - we can then put them in Session 1 or 2 and in gym or classroom space.  We then will project the schedule on a board for participants to see and create a code to share with them.

4.  Pitches - Once the schedule is set for session 1, the facilitators get 30 seconds to come to the front to “pitch” the session, telling the group what the session is all about.

5.  Go to session 1 - Participants then go to session 1.  They are reminded that they will vote with their feet, moving to a new session if their professional needs are not being met.

6. Lunch or Snack!

7.  Pitches for Session 2 - group comes back together and the facilitators for session 2 make their 30 second pitches. (remember, we selected all sessions in the beginning!)

8.  Session 2 - Participants then go to session 1.  They are reminded that they will vote with their feet, moving to a new session if their professional needs are not being met.

9.  Demo Slam!!  We will use a projector and ask all participants to form a circle in the main gym.  All participants are invited to volunteer to enter the circle and teach ANYTHING  for 2 minutes.  At the end of the 2 minutes, a countdown is shouted out, and the whole group gives a “slam” to end that presenter’s time.  This continues until time has run out. Equipment should be provided for this section of the day.

10.  Raffle and Prizes!

Spring Conference Registration (lunch included) Must be a 2015-2016 MAHPERD member.

There is no on-site registration, pre-registration only.

Conference registration must be completed online, faxed or “postmarked” & include check or purchase order by Friday, March 18th.

Professional $85.00
Student $45.00
Retired $45.00
Non-member $200.00

Spring Conference Registration List

The Spring Conference will be held at the O'Keefe Center at Salem State University. Registration will be on the second floor outside the Twohig Gymnasium. Park in commuter parking lot, no parking pass is needed.

Salem State University
O'Keefe Center
225 Canal Street
Salem, MA 01970

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